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Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. In this thread we will discuss something that may bug some people like me in Karazhan.

The Chess Event is the semi last part before you can finish the tower of Medivh. In the past it was easy because you had 9 man going with you for defeat Prince Malchezar but now many ppl solo Kara, which is easy for 85s.

Yet, the Chess Event doesnt matter what level you are. It may depend of luck, skills, I dont know. I only know that in this thread we will put sugestions for people who like to solo Kara and cant pass the Chess Event (like me).

Anyone that has been able to solo Kara completely (with the exception of the summoned boss. If you can summon him gratz) can post how you finished the chess? How you managed to defeat the enemy king/warchief and pass Medivh test?
Start by talking to king. Cast his buff and special attack once to auto attack.
Drop him and select left knight/ move outwards, face the enemy and use attack skill to auto attack.
Drop knight, select pawn blocking right bishop from moving to right side of the board. move pawn out, face enemy, attack.
Drop pawn, move bishop out, face flank cast holy attack and heal spell if needed.
Medivh cheats.
Select king, move to right where bishop was to avoid fire, face enemy, buff, attack.
Drop king, select mage, face enemy attack from range.
Move second knight out.
Move pawns blocking king.
Select bishop when king needs heals and spam him up to full.
Keep king out of fire. Move him in range of enemies. He will crush them.
Once king is in range, stay on a bishop to heal him. King can solo the entire horde team if you heal him.

Works every time.
The chess event is RNG. How well you do depends on how often Medivh cheats and how stupid he is in moving his king.

I've had games where the king never came off the back row, and I had games where he moves his king almost exclusively and left him unprotected.

The debuff when switching between pieces hurts you a lot too, because he can move much faster than you can.

Three tips:

When you start, have you king pop bloodlust/heroism immediately and then drop him. He'll repeat this move several times as you're waiting on the debuff and grabbing your next piece, which helps you on attack and defense.

Grab your queen (the caster) and spam cast against his king. Same thing as before: If you exit the piece after doing this move, he'll repeat it several times before stopping.

Make sure you have at least 1 open space near your king. When Medivh cheats, if you don't move your king out of the fire immediately you'll lose.

The first time I solo'd it I must've run the game a dozen times or more. It's extremely frustrating, especially because Medivh's moves are so f'ing random.

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