[A] Vitality Recruiting Closed

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Mogu'shan Vaults opens up October 2nd. Less than a month away!

We're still recruiting for our 25 man roster, if you're interested in joining our fantastic "casual-hardcore" gaming community, apply at our website: http://vitality.guildomatic.com/

We are moving our Wednesday raid to Tuesday, though the website has not been updated to reflect that. Keep that in mind before you apply.

If getting more done while raiding less sounds fantastic to you, check us out. Our guild consists of gamers from all walks of life who play at a high skill level. We frequently do achievement/transmog/alt runs and other fun projects, our most recent being a Herald of the Titans group that is currently in progress.
Bump for an 8min heroic FL raid and going 7/7 H FL.

Also stay perky Virtue.
Bump for a great guild. Hope you all get back to 25s soon!
Updated 9/13
Updated 9/24
25 man recruiting:

Balance Druid/Resto OS
Shadow Priest/healing OS
Enhancement Shaman/Resto OS

10 man recruiting:

Resto Druid
Holy/Disc Priest

Exceptional apps of any class are always welcome.
Apply at http://www.vitality-alliance.com
25 man recruiting:

Balance Druid/Resto OS
Enhancement Shaman/Resto OS

10 man recruiting:

Resto Shaman with Elemental OS

Apply at http://www.vitality-alliance.com
Will of the Emperor taken to 8% last week. Will be dead tonight. Come join the fun!
Bump for 6/6.
Bump for tig ole bitties!
11/1 update

Death knights: Limited (Frost/Unholy)
Druid: Limited (Balance or Feral DPS)
Hunter: Open
Mage: Open
Monk: Limited (Mistweaver)
Paladin: Open (Ret or Holy)
Priest: Open (all specs)
Rogue: Open
Shaman: Open (Resto) ; Limited (Elemental and Enchancement)
Warlocks: Open
Warrior: Limited

Apply at www.vitality-alliance.com
1/6 HoF as of 11/5/12
2/6 HoF as of 11/5/12
Bump. We have cookies and pie and Dawogi.
Just a tip if you apply: Please for the love of god take your time and give good responses to the questions. It greatly increases your chances.


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