Can i change my account email & login email?

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Soo.. My email account i've owned since i was 14 has been compromised and when i made the email account i didn't take the secret answer seriously so i have no idea what it was so i basically cannot get the email account back.

Now, Im in a mad panic and race before my WoW account gets hacked. They can just go onto the WoW site and click "I Forgot my password" and boom! They got my password (And no, i do not have a authenticator, nor can i add one because i cant verify my email!)

So, basically after all that rambling information, the question!
Can i actually change my account loging username email address?
Can i change my account email address?

Every time i click "Edit" on under the


The page refreshes and nothing happens!!

The other method,

Settings > Change Email Address... Nothing happens!!

Halp! Im gonna get hacked and there is nothing i can do but wait.

Also, i do still have all of my CD keys.
They can just go onto the WoW site and click "Forgot my password" and boom! They got my password.

Not quite. They'd still need your secret question and answer in order to reset it.

But there's still things that you can do. Do you have an Authenticator on order, at least? Or a mobile one ready to go when you have access?

If you're having problems getting the webpage to work, here's a few steps you can try:
1. Whitelist blocking software (ABP/Noscript/etc.) for "*".
2. Clear your cache and cookies.
3. Try a different web browser.

Try the e-mail change again between each step.

If that still won't work, call Billing and have them change the e-mail address manually.

And you may want to call Billing anyways, because they should be able to assist you in applying an Authenticator to your account, if you have access to it.
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Make sure you're changing your account email address, not your WoW account email address (if that's even possible anymore, thought it was linked).

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