My macros are Gone

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All of them just Vanished my general macro list is still there but this toons toon specific macros are all deleted.
Domeki ,

Did you delete or rename your WTF folder recently or use the Reset User Settings button on the Launcher/Options screen?

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No i didnt. They were all fine then i left for work came back and all of them were gone when i went to do my Aeonaxx fly around.
any idea if its fixable or do i have to make them ALL again...
Domeki ,

I'd imagine you'll have to make them again. Some are stored locally and some server side. There's no utility for restoring them should they be deleted.

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"They're dreadfully fond of beheading people here: The great wonder is, that there's anyone left alive."
All of my warrior macros are gone. Again. This is the third time this has happened, and I believe I had a completely reset ui before the second occurrence (from the first time my warrior's macros got lost). What is causing this and how do I make it stop?

About half of my warrior's macros appear to be in a cache file in the wtf folder still. How do I get them back?

The only change I made to my macros (which were here yesterday) recently was add "Drake of the West Wind" to my summon random mount macro, since I get tired of looking at the same thing after awhile and I like never knowing what mount is going to pop up. I have four addons at the moment, the only one that I had during the first macro loss is dbm.
General macros are stored server-side.
Character-specific macros are stored in the WTF\Account\<account>\<realm>\<toon>\macros-cache.txt file.
Interesting. So why aren't they showing up?
No idea. That's where my macros are and they're being correctly modified when I update them.
Well, I have been having the same problem with my genaral macros too. I thought the problem was on my side but now it seems that since genaral macros are stored server-side.

My character specific macros are fine, only the account-wide ones dissapear. It happened 3 times already in the past 4 weeks or so.

Please, we need a resolution for this. This tread simply died on Feb. 26? Unresolved? Omrakos! Don't forget us, this little problem is annoying as hell!

Thanks :)
BLIZZARD! FIX THIS! It's annoying. My macros are gone too. Bump theF out of this thread till we get our macros my pretties
2 month necro but I found a potential fix for those running backups.

I restored a previous version of my macros-cache.txt file and all of my general macro's returned. Didn't affect my new macros either and so far so good. The file can be found in your WTF folder, just before your character-specific folder.

Hope this helps!
What Faster said. My macros just vanished after messing around with my WTF folder. after removing my current wtf folder and putting an old copy up there, my macros returned. They are stored in the mactos-cashe.txt file under each character for specific macros, and the general macros are stored in a text file named the same under the account name.

For my colleagues who are reliant upon macros and Addons like me, Keep a copy of your WTF folder safe somewhere on your computer for moments like these.
So uh, i was on at about 5 am last night. I got off and took a nap, got back on and the terms of service "changed" where i had to scroll all the way down and such and i log in and my entire ui got reset, macros, bartender, everything. ...
I to lost all my general macros I believe this happened because my computer crashed so the game shut down without logging out. This issue needs to be addressed. Computers crash and other things can kill the game. Having to rebuild all your macros because of a very common occurrence is completely unacceptable. Lately I have been seeing a LOT of problems when the game is not loged out properly due to a crash etc. Things like chat channels going missing and ui settings defaulting back to basic. This kind of thing NEVER used to happen its only recently I have run into this issue please find out what you changed that is cuasing this unstable behavior simply because the game was not "properly logged out"

World of Warcraft saves all UI updates at the time you log out. If you change chat channels and UI elements and then the game crashes before, that logout has not happened so nothing will be saved.

I recommend logging out right after making any major settings changes to your UI to save them. This will help prevent the loss of those changes should a crash occur.

Please note that crashes should not be occurring. If you encounter a lot of crashing, please create a new thread and detail that issue there. I'm going to lock this thread since it's 2 years old already.

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