Low Level Warrior - Need Fury Rotation

Fellow Warriors:

(Starting over with a warrior after a 4 year break from WoW)

I've referenced several warrior guides for an optimal Fury rotation - but the rotations are for level 85 characters! For example, most Fury rotations utilize CS - a level 81 talent.

I need an optimal Fury rotation for a level 61 character!

Here is my current rotation:

BT > RB > Cleave > Slam > HS (Repeat)

BT = Bloodthirst
RB = Raging Blow
HS = Heroic Strike
CS = Colossus Smash

But, I know this rotation is NOT correct. I'm not building sufficient rage, abilities don't proc on time, and mobs are taking too long to die.

Really need some help from veteran warriors on a good Fury rotation for my level!

Many thanks!
Your rotation looks ok, I think your problem is hit...

IDK back when i lvld fury, it was painful, it was my first toon, and it was late TBC, did manage to 10-70 as fury tho, 2 weeks after my friends, and we started at about the same time.

I did re-level as fury 81-85, however I had CS available and was usually at, or close, to 5% hit. Didn't have any real problems. I even Global'd some mobs my level.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably go arms till 81, then fury, just for 2 reasons:

Fury demands more gear.
1good 2h is easier to obtain than 2 1h/2h.

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