Best Mount and Title to get for your mage??

Well as blizz keeps killing my boomkin class into the ground, I have jumped to my alt mage and just started gearing him up for pvp. but i notice I dont have any of the cool mounts or Title's on my alt like I had on my druid. Sucks too cause my druid had the swift tiger from old zg :-( loved that mount to bad blizz wouldnt let us change a mount over from one toon to another but anyway..
since im gonna be playing my mage more now Im wondering what others think would be a good mount and title to go get for a pvp mage. Maybe some pve but will mainly be doing pvp. So what do you guys think. Also plz say a few ground and air mounts. need one good one for both..

Ive been thinking about going after the white horse mount from the tounrment grounds in icecrown. Frost mage on a white horse lol but let me know what you guys think.
the white hyppoglyph would be cool too if you can get it on horde side.
Gnome mages look pretty good on the night elf sabre mounts. Or get the Winterspring Frostsaber mount.
A fire mage with the "Fire keeper" title seems fitting. As for mounts id suggest Volcanic stone drake or if your lucky the ashes of Alar seem great choices imo.
I was lucky and got the mount from vortex pinnacle early in cataclysm. Although since it shares the same skin as the one from tol barad rep, it would be rare for long. For ground mounts I've always loved the raven lord, although it's not rare anymore now. I'm hoping to get the bug mount from tol'vir archaeology! :)
Get either of the "Fire" titles from the yearly events and get Ashes of A'lar. Then respec to Fire and reign a feiry to all that oppose you!
I'm going for Loremaster on my mage. It just seems fitting. That's not very PvPish, though. As far as mounts go I'd try to get the Frostwolf Howler or White Riding Talbuk. They match being Frost, in my opinion.

This is my Horde Mage. My Alliance Mage hasn't been played in like a year and a half. He's been at 80 forever.
Flame Keeper is a wonderful fire mage title.

As for a mount, I'd suggest the red proto drake. I always thought it reminded me of a fire mage.

(You also probably chose the wrong class to swap to. Boomkins are outperforming Fire mages on most fights aside from gimmick fights we can spread our DoTs to.)
probably still going to be doing more damage than fire or be relatively equal. play the damn class you like. that being said, if you like playing your mage more, play that.
I plan on going for the Flame Keeper title! It's perfect for a fire mage!

As for mount, Twilight Drake, definitely for the colour, matches with the blue Tier 11 gear.
Flame Keeper and the new Fire Hawk mounts are the perfect fits IMO.
Goblin Fire Mage with "the Insane", them being an engineer would also be fitting, though, I am neither of those things.
Step 1: Transfer to a new realm
Step 2: Realm First Malygos: ''Magic Seeker'' with a flying carpet or Ashes of Al'ar
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!
Dragonslayer, obviously.
what about for frost mages?

not sure about title but frosty flying carpet matches really well with non heroic tier
Ambassador. And the Albino drake of course...
I don't have the Flame Keeper title yet so I use of the Shattered Sun and my flying carpet.

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