Mining help: Stuck at level 345

Ok, so here is what happened, I have been working to level up my professions later than I should have BUT now I have hit level 345 in mining and everything is greyed out but when i go to the trainers there is nothing for me to train for until I hit 350! anyone else run into this?
at this point you should probably be mining and smelting adamantite ore in nagrand. if you don't feel like you're ready to move to nagrand, then you will have to be satisfied with your mining skill until then. i don't believe your mining skill is below normal. players are normally not expected to reach 375 mining skill until their character level is mid-to-high 60s (i.e. level 65+).
I think what the OP has missed here is that the skillups from Smelting are not the same as the skillups from Mining. Smelting Adamantite, for example, goes grey at 340, but as he noted you can't learn to smelt Eternium, Felsteel or Cobalt until 350. However, if you go out and mine an Adamantite node, it will continue to give skillups all the way to ay least 375.

They made it really easy in the lower levels to just smelt your skill up, but once you get past 300 there will be stretches where you actually have to go out and mine things.
The rule of thumb for what level your profession should be is (level x 5) + 25. So at lvl 61, your professions should be right around 330. You're a bit ahead of that in mining, which is why you're kind of stuck. Once you're lvl 62 or 63 and can comfortably get around in Nagrand, mining should take care of itself as you run across nodes.
03/03/2011 10:56 AMPosted by Thrugg
I think what the OP has missed here is that the skillups from Smelting are not the same as the skillups from Mining.

yeah i didn't think of that, as a possibility for why the OP thinks there's a problem. long story short: you can't level mining all the way up purely by smelting. at some point you have to gather ore when smelts turn grey... because gathering ore continues to give skill points even when smelting that very same ore does not.

i guess i never figured that gathering professions were complicated enough that people would find it confusing.
It is a little rough, though, considering that for the first 40 or 50 levels, you can simply smelt, and if you're not paying heaps of attention, it looks like that's where all of your mining skillups come from. Easy mistake to make, imo.
Thank you Thrugg - you answered ny question .. off to Nagrand I go!

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