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Glad to see I'm not the only one with this dumb annoying problem.
It seems like every time Blizzard comes out with a patch, there is a week's worth or more of issues relating to disconnects. I, myself, have been having the same problems during AV weekend. Not fun to be the healer and watch everyone move in place around Galv or Drek like it was a dance party. My only guess is there might be a related connection to addons and patches because the addons are always broken or being blocked by Blizzard during this week cushion. So my best hope is that as soon as Tuesday comes around, things will be smoothed over.
I think it's just the client because I'm running WoW without addons on a seperate computer, and the same problem occurs...
That's interesting...Well, then I'm sure Blizzard is just as baffled as we are otherwise they would have disclosed or addressed this issue sooner. Hopefully their IT team can figure out the issue sooner rather than later.
well i posted a link from my forum to yours in hopes to get blizz attention :)
Thanks for linking your forum post. Still, a lot of theories and very few answers. Only time will tell if this issue gets addressed or not. Hopefully before my month expires in 4 days otherwise it's time for me to take a break and pick up L.A. Noire.
Hi all, I had to uninstall Recount and I stopped dc'ing. I have Coords and GTFO running with no problems. For some reason, Recount was the culprit. Try this and hopefully you won't d'c as much.
I have been having intsa disconnect problems at random times but only in arena so far. which is not a good thing to have happening. also happened to one of my friends. No lag out just *bam* login screen now
yeah ive been having insta disconnects, but only when im around ogrimaar around the main auction house..... can any reply if its been disconnecting when ur around ogrimaar
I'm getting disconnected everytime I try to get in the canoe to go out to the boat in Thousand Needles. Then when I finally do stay connected I'm out in the middle of the river opposite the side I started the canoe ride on. Have to take 10 mins to swim back.
It's bs.
This has been happening to me for the last six months with no part due to my internet connection.
ive played this game for about 6 years now. I just returned to the game after a long hiatus, and having this problem is a huge blunder on Blizz's part. I better be comp'd for this dilemna, because this is total bs.
this is rubbish, blizzard. you have really dropped the ball on this one. if there is an issue that is as prevalent as this, then obviously some further patchwork needs to be done, the least you can do is investigate it further.
I wasn't experiencing any of these problems until just today...disconnecting every 2-3 sec in Stormwind's Auction House. I see they have a scheduled patch for tomorrow am. Really hope this will solve the issue as this has been going on for over 4 hours now.
One blue post and gone. Amazing results. (AKA, I am having the same issues.)
same issue every 5 mins i get dc'd and this is annoying as hell....
Same issue. Don't understand why Blizzard won't just say it; it's on our end; instead saying it's our internet connection.
I never had any disconnects until today. nothing changed on my end. I log in to my game and then immediately get disconnected. If this continues I will stop my subscription. Does anyone from TechSupport read this board?
i have been disconnecting heaps .. everytime i go on with in the first 5 sec i diconnect what can i do?

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