Gorat's Vengeance

Where is Gorat's corpse?? I've searched the entire area surrounding the quest marker and I can't find it anywhere...
When u look at the lake, on the left side of it is a circle of bodies, gorat is in the centre of the circle
There arent any bodies like the OP said

....nvm found it .... they are faar off left of the lake... not beside the lake.
for future people who need a reference..... its the same dude you have to hunt for in a previous mission.
Thanks so much! This was very helpful!
One Sec, i'll look for him.

Edit: The info is right, go to the left of the lake and there will be lots of dead assassins and in the middle is Gorat
I had trouble finding it as well, but thanks to your help, I did! :D
Yup, I had the worst time trying to find the body. It's further off to the left. :-)
It is most certainly more southwest (down and left) than west (left) as is implied in this thread.

Apologies for necro.
Hey everyone, coordinates are 64/84. Southwest of the lake is much more accurate.
Just through Morshan ramp gate are some large trees on left of road. Turn left and head W NW following the ridge line on your left for approximately 25 seconds if you are riding. You will have to fight a couple npc to get there. He is in the middle of a circle of bodies. Highlight his body and click on blood in your bag or on blood vial on monitor quest list. Follow his ghost to lake and kill target on small island. Turn in quest.
i Did this quest yesterday , and is right were everyone is pointing, the problem is that the quest tracker only indicates where Night elve captain is supposed to reappear after gorat spirit is restored , and this is prone to confusion even though the quest literature says correctly what you are supposed to do.
They were at 64.14, 84.59 for me, same as Lexagain said
for those who were like me who circled the lake, and your looking here for the answer and everyone is saying "to the left" its southwest. there will be a lot of bodies around it, and he will be in the circle. be patient he walks slower than a dead snail
SW of the pond not directly to the left.

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