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After running around, I finally got to piece together a canopic jar. Words cannot describe my excitement as I put together something that might give something I actually want! I ran around Kamimdor until I got enough dig sites in Uldam for the solve, opened the jar and got preserved organs. The thought of having to wait around until the fates to give me another shot. Heartbreaking!
I hope you have Alchemy as a profession, otherwise I think you'll just get mummified organs in those Canopic Jars.

If you do have Alchemy, good luck, hope the recipe drops soon.
You were really expecting the recipe out of one jar..? lol.. GL with that, your sanity depends on it.
I had my first jar yesterday.

I feel your pain.
Just hoping that I might actually get something useful form Archeology. I get very useful buffs from fishing and cooking and enjoyed the benefits of these professions as I leveled them. One would like to think that there is something useful in all of the secondary professions. With Archeology, I have picked up a ground mount, a couple of companions, a bunch of dancing dwarf babes (that make me laugh), a hearth stone that seemingly only is meant to replace the one I have had since level 1 and heartache.

Yeah, he has 525 alchemy.
03/04/2011 10:23 AMPosted by Kybeorie
Yeah, he has 525 alchemy

Oh good, couldn't tell from post.

Well Preditorr, can't say how RNG will make the Canopic Jars get assigned to you... but for me, I've done 33 Tol'vir solves, 7 of which have been Canopic Jars.

I don't have Alchemy, so I only get a chance to make 2g on opening them.

Good luck, hope your recipe drops soon.
Grind until I got a second jar this evening and more mummified organs...Ended up earning another seemly stupid thing that shines a green light on my head. the druid and Priest statue is supposed to award 15 skill points...Isn't going to do me any good!
I'm on my 9th jar w/no recipe. Could be worse, read people who're into their 20something jar solves w/o the Vial.
SAME! omg how annoying is it trying to find that recipe... and when you fail you have to farm everywhere in kalimdor just to open up a new digsite. i have gone through like 4 jars, im so unlucky :(
I got the recipe in my first jar, which was my second Tol'vir solve. Unfortunately that sucked all the luck outta Arch for me and am at 120 troll solves without the sword lol. Seems that those who have bad luck with recipe have good luck with whatever epic they are hoping for and vice versa... Good luck
10 jars and no recipe so I just quit archaeology all together after I finished Professor :(
I am working on a level 359 healing ring! something useful!!!!! Imagine having to nail down 150 Uldam fragments.
I spent 10 days/29 Tolvir solves/4 canopic jars, i finally got my Vial Recipe, it was exciting, though all i did was stay in Kalimdor and fly from digsite to digsite, stash the keys, and collect close to 200 fragments each class (Troll, Fossil, Tolvir, Nightelf and Dwarf) before solving. at close to 200 start solving and burn all the saved keys, then you get more out of your fragments, and with that system if you end up coming up on a rare solve you'll have the fragments and keys right there to solve it. and you get a pretty chunk of Gold by the end of the day as well. and i also focused on the Troll, Fossil, nightelf and Dwarf sites, until they all were in Uldum, then i dug them all up at once, ended up with 3-4 extra uldum digsites back to back.
After grinding up Archeology on my shaman, who is my alchemist, I finally got to the skill level required to start getting Cata zone digsites.

I was excited when I managed to finally get an Uldum digsite, and ecstatic when my VERY FIRST Tol'Vir project was a Canopic Jar.

"Man," I thought, "Won't the forums be angry with me if I get the Vial recipe from my very first Tol'Vir solve?"

I didn't. :( Wishful thinking, I know, but that would have been all kinds of awesome. ;)

Ring of the Boy Emperor

I can no longer say that archeology never provides anything that will enhance game play!
I got mine in 3 jars., along with the ring and the amulet of scarabs. It only took 7 solves total.
I've completed 12 jars for a total of 85 Tol'vir solves, no mount. The info I've gotten from people seems to be all over the place but I've noticed a lot get it on their 10th +/- 3. Although there are a ton of horror stories of getting it on jar 24 or whatever I don't think that's common.
where do you get the jars?

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