+8 GMT 10/13H LF S Priest and Tank for SoO

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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/bump still looking for quality raiders

top of list:

/bump still looking for quality raiders.

top of wishlist = DPS/TANK
Still looking for a DPS/TANK for heroic progression.

Other applications will also be considdered.

/bump for 6/8
Still looking for more raiders!
Could you pls take a look at my gear? Arms 393 ilvl and prot 386 ilvl. I'm serious and i can make all 3 raid nights. Which i can gurantee:
-Knowing the fights.
-Being fully prepared.
-Owning up my mistakes.
-Being friendly and darama free.
If you would like to be considered for a place in our guild, please drop in an application at eatscrayons.enjin.com
<--- Core Raider Looking for a Outstanding Group ( Holy/Disc)
/bump for 8/8

still looking for quality raiders for MoP

apply at eatscrayons.enjin.com

looking for more heading into MoP

please apply at eastcrayons.enjin.com

Blue Crayons are seeking the following class / spec's for Mists of Pandaria

Guardian Druid
Blood DK or
Protection Warrior
Brewmaster Monk (please demonstrate some knowledge from beta and have heroic tanking experience)

Balance Druid (with guardian or resto offspec)
Hunter (any spec)

Confidential applications can be made at eastcrayons.enjin.com

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