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My Other Mount is Tauren (MOMiT) is a 25-man adult, casual raiding guild established in August 2006 with a goofy name and a simple goal: build a great community of people to share one of our favorite hobbies.

In six years together, our approach to WoW's end-game experience has remained unchanged. We like to raid, and we like to do it with a fair amount of skill and professionalism (...and perhaps a fair amount of wine). There are a lot of terms developed describing the kind of attitude we take towards the raiding game: casualcore, semi-casual, hardcore-lite. We figure it's safest just to describe what we're about and let people come up with their own name for it.

Our respect for each other ensures that we bring our best to the raid, and that cuts both ways: our raid leaders respect our members’ time as much as they expect the same in return. We emphasize punctuality and preparation on both sides of the raid equation.

We also understand that our members lead full and complicated lives. We schedule relatively few hours in our official raid week, and maintain flexible attendance policies. Our expectations are set accordingly. We like a challenge, and we want to see all of the great end-game content, but the competitive side of progression really isn’t our thing. A mature, low drama environment where we can kill tough internet dragons with friends? That is.

We also feel that the social aspects of the guild aren't just an add-on, but are essential to our mission. We talk about pets and jobs as much as we talk about simulationcraft or why all the hunters are dead. Our friendships continue into other games, and we host an annual summer BBQ. Yep, IRL. (There was cake.)

We're an older guild, with an average age somewhere in the mid-30s -- in other words, old enough to not want to get too specific. ;) We have an 18+ policy not because zomg we hate kids, but because some of us actually have them and the guild is more for Mom & Dad time.

Below is some basic raid information. We're pretty transparent about who we are and what we do, so if you'd like to know more, please visit our website: some of our forums are open to the public, and anyone can see our activities calendar.

    Raid Schedule: 4:30 ST (7:30 EST) Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. All raids last 3 hours.
    Current Progression: 4/14 Heroic SoO-25 (updated 02/20/14)
    Loot Rules: Suicide Kings
    Recruitment: We are first looking for people who would be a good fit for our community and, secondly, who happen to play a class and spec that fit in our raids. Details on class/spec openings are listed on the front page of our website.

Please check out http://www.momit.org for more information or contact our recruitment officer (Dmom#1551) with any recruitment questions.

edit: MoP updates!
MOMiT is more than a guild. It is a community. And I have been lucky to find it.
Grats to our weekend achievements crew, who picked up Guild Glory of the Lich King Raider this Saturday. ^.^
This guild has the most competent leadership team I've ever found in an online game, many IRL organizations could learn a thing or two. Raids start on time, end on time, and between breaks are focused, something not so common and in a casual guild, quite remarkable. And while the social aspect is primary, the regular raiders are quite knowledgeable about the game and their class, and very accepting of constructive feedback.

However, despite the posting so far, goggles are not required for membership.
03/14/2011 2:49 PMPosted by Melthery
However, despite the posting so far, goggles are not required for membership.

I'm bogglin the goggle oglin .
Just keeping this on the front page.
We are currently looking for 1-2 healers.
MOMiT is again recruiting 2-3 more healers and 1-2 exceptional DPS to move forward as the Firelands patch is on the horizon! Specifically, we are looking for raiders who can make at least 66% of the raids in our 3-day a week raiding scheduling.

As of June 2011, classes with openings include:

Restoration Druid (medium)
Holy Paladin (high)
Restoration Shaman (high)
Elemental Shaman (medium)
Enhancement Shaman (medium)
DPS Warrior (medium)
Rogue (medium)
Warlock (low)

Currently our raid roster is solid for many ranged DPS classes and tanks so our recruitment is very tight, as reflected on our homepage (http://www.momit.org).
If you guys are looking for adults, am I to assume that guild chat is oriented towards vulgarity, sex, and vulgar sex? Or is part of the initiation to submit an amateur "film?"

Let me know.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid we don't mean the word adult as a euphemism for prurient. I've certainly seen enough examples of guilds who do mean that, so I can understand the confusion.

A RL example that would probably be the most analogous to our guild atmosphere might be the local pub -- generally just a lot of chatter about our kids/jobs/pets, occasional blue language (particularly when it comes to patch notes and/or sports teams), and ubiquitous "that's what she said"s.

And since I can't resist the urge to overextend the metaphor, while you'd probably get some strange looks for bringing a toddler into the establishment, you wouldn't be committing a felony by doing so.
I've never been to a pub. I've been to strip clubs. The soda there is really expensive but it only costs a dollar to have someone gyrate in your lap and face for like 20 seconds.

I did play pool once someplace that served alcohol. I don't remember it though.

Anyways, have fun doing your thing. I prefer my hookers and blow so I am probably a terrible fit if you guys have jobs and your pets are still alive.
Ah well, MOMiT isn't for everyone. We are actually a bit unusual in how many adults we have (I am avoiding the word mature) who have kids, professional (non-hooker) jobs, and pets. The healer crew in particular do like their cats.

Speaking of which, we are looking for more a few more healers. Cats not required, but a plus.
Mature has as sexual connotation as well. Even more so. Websites of a certain purview may in fact use that as a category listing.

I do have to agree with you though, hookers are truly professionals. I've never actually known one, though.
True, but that's not why I was avoiding the word mature. It's just that.... many of us aren't! Things can get silly.

Thanks for all the post bumps! We are still looking for healers!
Anyone acting "mature" in a video game where you have /dance and quests with objectives like "Punch Deathwing in the Face" is probably doing something wrong.

Also, if your guild were super serial, it would probably be called JMLG®, LLC. Protect your IP and %*@@, dawg.
06/26/2011 05:18 AMPosted by Manycrickets
True, but that's not why I was avoiding the word mature. It's just that.... many of us aren't! Things can get silly.

Wait, I'm not mature? QQ.

Wait, I'm not mature? QQ.

Nope. ;)
Are you guys still recruiting? I just got gkicked because I drew a picture of someone's cat naked. Here, let me do it again:

^ ^

It's from the front. Can you see it? I didn't think it was that offensive. Also, aren't cats usually naked? I thought they were...
^ ^

It's from the front. Can you see it? I didn't think it was that offensive. Also, aren't cats usually naked? I thought they were...

I have always secretly lusted after joining this guild, but I had a hard time imagining a real casual guild that could actually kick !@# without drama, so I just stuck to poking at Bracht and Selwynn from the shadows.

Sounds like you really do pull it off, and you've been doing so for years and that's awesome. Have any of you read Spider Robinson's Callahan series? Seems like you've got an atmosphere similar to Callahan's Bar. If you haven't, what are you doing? Put down the WoW and go read!

If I didn't lub the guys in Seraphim so much I'd totally be knocking on your door. Good luck!

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