[A-25] MOMiT Seeks Good People

Aerie Peak
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Booooo wine! Hooooraaaay, beer!
/gets beer and sake
Grats Momits on downing the first three bosses for the first raiding night of 25 man Dragon Soul!
12/05/2011 03:31 PMPosted by Mideon
Can you curse in guild chat?

So long as random BGs are still a game option, I better %#*$*!% hope so.

In general I think the rule is just: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=5158
<3 bump.
Happy New Year! We are now 7/8 Dragon Soul 25 man and looking for a few more to join us. See the initial post for more information.
Does this thread have a knockback? Maybe we should try CC'ing the adds.
We appear to have run out of internet dragons. Clearly, the answer is to slay them all again. This time with more cowbell?
Holy daggers, Batman. Grats Tÿnn on the first guild Fangs of the Father legendary last night!
Grats Tÿnn!!
Bump for more recruits!
Heroic Yor'sahj down, congratulations to ourselves!
Heroic Hegara dead! We are looking for a ranged caster and a healer. Please see the first post or our website for more details.

Another dead Dragon! Heroic Ultraxion toasted. We are still recruiting like-minded adults.
Heroic Zon'ozz bites the dust. 5/8 now, just because Ana never remembers to update the first page.
Heroic Blackhorn down on the first night of attempts! We are recruiting for a couple more for now and on into MoP.
Any officers taking bribes to move back your raid time 1 hour? anyone... anyone?

: )

I dont know why I posted in this before, and I dont know why I am posting in this now...also balls

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