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Aerie Peak
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Free bump for more 25m guilds :)
Thanks for the bumps! We will continue raiding 25 mans in MoP. Currently, recruitment is closed and will reopen once we assess our needs in Pandaland. Anyone interested can always check the website. And Happy 6th Anniversary to us. :)
We are not currently recruiting. But we did get some good press from curse: http://www.curse.com/news/wow/46649-delaware-guild-gathering-proves-that-wow-ties-can?fb_action_ids=4584498771116
Grats MoMiTs! 6 years is an awesome milestone - and a good looking group to boot. Much continued prosperity to you!

(ex-Ambril - Avalon/Iron Brotherhood)
Ambril! So good to hear from you. :) Hope you're well and enjoying Pandaland!
We have reopened recruitment for our 25M raid. Please see the first post for info about the guild.

If you are a Mistweaver Monk, Resto Druid, or Resto Shaman, we have an immediate need for your awesome heals. We are ALWAYS recruiting skilled like-minded players of every spec.
Getting close on Garalon! Raids are Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 7:30 EST. Check the first post and/or the website for more information on us and current recruitment needs. www.momit.org
yall still need a resto shaman
Generally speaking, we probably need one more healer to fill up the standard healing corps. We'd ideally like for that to be a Mistweaver Monk, but Resto Shaman or Druid would also complement the current team. Anything but healing priest and paladin, basically. There's so much white and pink in our group 5, we look like a pastel candy cane. (<3 every one of you!)

Ranged DPS has a bit more flexibility as far as desired classes. :)
Hello there! I originally made a post on the Guild Recruitment forums and Dmom made a reply which lead me here!

I do have to say from reading up on your site and your posts that your guild is exactly what I am looking for, albeit I would only be able to make the Sunday raids due to work. I just wanted to pop in and say ello and will definitely chatting with one of you tonight if possible!
Hi Burzum!

We'll be around doing some LFR tonight around 4 Server/7 EST. We'll look for you then. :)

Also, Garalon down last night. Yay!
Thank you! :)
Would. Love to join can't get your site to open for some reason to apply. Just wanted to see if you even had use for my lock ...ty
We don't have an opening for a warlock right now.
Amber Shaper Un-Sok down! 5/6 HoF. Please see the first post for information on raid times.
tell Setimo that I (DataLenz) said hi.
grats and bumps
Ding Dong the Empress is Dead. On to Terrace. Recruitment info is located on the website. www.momit.org or see the first post.
Tsulong and Lei Shi down! Grats Momits! :)
16/16 N! Nothing to do but start over again.

Currently looking for one or two DPS, and a healer. Mistweaver, resto shaman or druid preferred for heroic modes and 5.2.

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