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Aerie Peak
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We are still looking for a healer, our cat loving healer core needs a night off now and then. www.momit.org or see the first post for more details.
Did someone say cats?
Don't forget the wine!
How long does it usually take for a comfirmation email to arrive from signing up on the site? It's been about 24hours now.

Checking into that for you, Mahsa. :)
Interested DPS please check the first page for raid times and site links. Turtle haters welcome!
I am a negligent first post updater. >.< Raid progress is now up to date.
Currently 7/12, and looking for a non-warlock ranged DPS. Raid times and more info on the first post.
So.. 11/12 ToT 25M. We would like to find a healer and a DPS. Please see the first post. We are a group of adults who enjoy WoW, raiding, and each other's company. Our policies, raid schedules and some of the forums are available at www.momit.org.

Please contact us if you would like a 25M raid group. Dmom#1551
We're looking for DPS. 12/12 ToT 25M. 7 years on the server, if you would like a long term raiding guild, please see the first post or the website for an app.
LF DPS - we are particularly interested in people available on for our Sunday raid, although all days are open for our flexible signups.

If you would like to get settled in a 25M before 5.4, please see the first post for application details.
I was going to apply, but your bad !@# recruitment officer said I was an ele shammy and therefore not wanted. She also said I suck at pve and pvp. She also said I was ugly and smelled bad.

I died a little inside. Tears may have been shed. Martinis were shaken.

It seems I taught you too well Dmom.
I was going to apply...

According to my sources:
Nov. 15, 2006 Musashi joins MoMiT.

Welcome back. Smelly and ugly or not, we are stuck with you. Now gear up and raid. :) Or I will call Art's mom.
We have reopened recruitment. We're currently looking for a hunter, elemental shaman, boomkin and/or rogue. As always, we will consider qualified applicants of other classes and specs.

Raid times are 7:30-10:30 EST Tu, Th, & Sun. We have a flexible attendance policy. Our current progression is 9/14 SoO 25M.

If you're interested in an established 25M raiding guild, (7 years on the server), with mature, accomplished players, please see the first post for more information.

Or, visit www.momit.org to see some of our forums, the calendar, policies and application form.

We're looking for a hunter, mage, boomkin or elemental shaman.

Current progress 10/14.
I'm still the VERY new guy here, but absolutely everyone has gone out of their way to make me extremely welcome.
Aww Ent!

We're looking for an elemental shaman, mage or boomkin. Please see the first post or contact dmom#1551 for more info. 12/14 SoO 25M.
An Amazing Group for Years!
Thank you! 13/14 SoO. We are only recruiting exceptional candidates at this time.
Grats to us on 14/14 25M!

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