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Burning Legion

Someone of you may remember the ones glorious guild Zeksonic Legion, AKA Seksonic Legion, AKA Clan SEKS.

Well, hard times have fallen on us, Baird left long ago, Countess is MIA, Aleta/drama, KTD the %@**... But the guild is still around, inactive. We had a few breaths of life here and there, new players joined and for a time, things seemed good. But alas, with no true leadership the ship sank ones again.

What we have now is just a name, very few active players and the most awesome Tabard ever.

Here is our offer: We need a new leader, someone who is willing to bring this guild back on track. Someone who has the time for recruitment and raid leadership. Therefore the guild is "for sale" Anyone who can prove to be a good leader will receive guild ownership, what you do with it will be your choice, we only ask that you do your best to revive our guild and keep the name intact.

If you are interested, please contact me or anyone with the Zeks tag ingame, respond here or via ingame mail.


To clarify, I'm not selling the guild for profit of any sort, if you want it, you get it. No exchange of currency, no sale transaction. It's free to anyone willing to build it up.
join the guild, then do /gdisband?
Go away, KTD.

SEKS has never been, is not, and never will be for sale. You don't own it and you never have. Yes it's not what it once was(which you blame on events that happened 6 years ago, which is moronic), but it isn't a property to be sold, especially not by you.

KTD you baboon, you don't have a leg to stand on. Kindly GTFO.

I aint selling it for profit. Giving it away to anyone willing to be a leader, since we aint got !%!#.
Don't understand why anyone cares. <Bacon World> has been a more meaningful guild tag in the last few years than Zeks.
ktd you really are a !!** eating ukranian

zeks is dieing bro. let sleeping dogs alone
I was Superwarrior.

Just sayin.

LOLOLOLOLOL no. you spelled just right, therefore theres no way
Zeks is dead, so I dont see why anyone here cares.

The guild either remains as is, or someone is willing to revive it to any capacity.
I'll take it.
Teh pact is sealed!

- Devilsattorney
03/07/2011 12:55 AMPosted by Laina
I'll take it.

only if srs bsns
i feel im the correct person for the job

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