Tone down Tol Barad dailies

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I've never had a problem. Of course I can self heal and have no mana to regenerate.
TB dailies in glad gear = fast quest completes and sad horde corpses on the ground.

I'm not an elitist but surprised even plate armor class is complaining spawn rate. /facepalm

Yeah, it's sometime annoying, but they don't spawn endlessly. We all have CC, threat redirect, or nuke/survival cooldowns. It's not difficult to kill 3-5 trash in short period of time. After killing them, regenerate your health, and GTFO!

Now, people complaining about running thorough trash and caught by them... also /facepalm

Plan ahead the course before jumping in to trash, know which trash you can run through or have a chance to get dismounted. (hint. melee attack)

And people complaining about loot timing... /facepalm

Honestly, I never thought that can be a problem. You can wait until you kill all the trash. It won't go away soon.

I have great sympathy to healing specs, but dps? just live with it.
03/04/2011 8:11 AMPosted by Tankercow
Player from PvE server complaing Tol Barad is too dangerous.

QFT, laughed at this post IRL.

I also laught at PvPers complaining PvP on TB/TBP. Using environment is the basic PvP skill. That's what you wished for. If you don't like it, transfer to PvE server, just like me :p
03/04/2011 8:08 AMPosted by Hawtshawts
TB dailies in glad gear = fast quest completes and sad horde corpses on the ground.

This is how I roll in TB. I used to avoid the Horde but decided screw it I can take on more than one at a time if I am in my full pvp set.
03/04/2011 10:11 AMPosted by Varian
I have great sympathy to healing specs, but dps? just live with it.

Those lvl 85 healers that can't afford 10g dualspec sure have it rough, man.

If we're serious enough for raiding, sometime we have to keep both specs for PvE healing to optimize encounter, like disc/holy priest, aoe/single target spec, archangle/non archangel, etc.
It is not a catch-22 if you made the quests area wide whether you were in a group or not, also make the drops a world drop rather than having to be looted, or at least make the item loot-able to all members of a party/raid so that players can freely group together and not be penalized.

By the way a new game has come out that allows for this and it is a fantastic refreshing change.

Yes I speak of Rift, I be there when not raiding now.
I bet all of these folks crying about overspawning would be here crying if the spawn rates dropped and it took them 50% longer to complete their dailies.

My answer: Suck it up. If you die, big deal - you don't even have to go get your corpse!
Also try grouping. I do it all the time. It speeds things up and is a fun little race to see who can get the pickups faster.
*clears throat*
*switches to BM*
*motions to her beetle, Herbie*
*Herbie bows*
*taps rifle on tombstone used as makeshift podium*
*queue "Ride of the Valkyries"*
*Hunter's Mark*
*Beetle ATTACK*
*mobs of Tol Barad* RAAAAAAWR!!!
PEW! PEW! PEW! PEW! *continues non-stop in time with the music for several minutes*
Xia: *pops her head over huge piles of corpses*
Herbie: Squeak?
Xia: Dailies are DONE! *breaks out the beer*

Problem for you, maybe. Not a problem for me. I'm loving it, Blizz. Don't change a thing.
Between the spawn time, the density of mobs, and the amount of damage each does it makes doing dailies in Tol Barad horrible. Will the damage of the mobs be toned down in 4.1 or will another quest hub be added? It seems like every time I quest in the zone, I'll need to eat and drink after each kill.

Also, I noticed that when you die in the zone you don't have to run back to your corpse, which means you have to re-fight everything (due to the high spawn rate) just to get back to where you were.

Thanks :D

I must admit it does get annoying soemtimes, especially when you need to go down in those dungeon areas. It seems like I'll be standing in the same place for 10 minutes with a constant stream of respawns attacking me. Not that bad when I play my paladin since he can heal, but on this mage it can be a bit rough. Then I start backing up a bit to avoid damage and end up pulling more packs.
One thing I do especially love though is that you get credit for killing a named mob as long as you do some damage to it, no matter who attacked it first. With so many people doing the quests this was a necessary feature!!
Shut up you crybabies! This is an MMO. Go group up and take the challenge on the smart way. When I was in quest greens and blues I grouped up for TB. When I was heroic ready, I grouped up for TB. After I was raid ready, still grouped up for TB.

Sometimes I go alone and it's not the worst thing in the world. Please don't change TB, Blizzard. It's fun for those of us who aren't bad!
The rewards and benefits for doing Tol Barad quests are quite nice. Players jumping straight into the zone when hitting 85 (either in quest greens or some dungeon blues) will certainly notice it's substantially more challenging than Twilight Highlands.

The balance of the zone partially relates to its sustainability as repeatable content for players at all levels of the end game. When I first started questing there I was in all questing gear and definitely noticed the challenge, but I liked it. As I started gearing up I saw how much better I was faring while taking high damage, managing unpredictable spawns, etc.

The basic point is that, because there are some great rewards there a lot of players are working toward, the questing needs to be more difficult than a place like Twilight Highlands so it doesn't feel incredibly trivial by the time you have a 329 average item level.

So what you're saying is that, in order to establish continued viability, mobs this expansion have lots of health so that they aren't three-shottable at any point, ensuring that mobs in every zone will continue to be incredibly annoying no matter how well geared you are?

Mobs are SUPPOSED to be annoying.

You see, they are trying to EAT YOU.

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