Tone down Tol Barad dailies

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I've soloed problem... died once when I missed a freeze (needed that 25-50k hit) but the other crap that is insane.

I usually just throw level 1 bank alts at em, that does the trick every time ;)

Throw enough and you should be fine.


Honestly, I don't know what people are yammering on about, I rather enjoy the area and the challenges.
It's easy for me, a rogue, to do the dailies hahuhaua
So as a new 85, do the easy dailies. Like the magnet quest and kill quests from the fringes - don't run into the middle of spiders and freak out. As you gear up and turn into a hard-hitting cloth-tank, you can do more quests. You don't Have to do them ALL every day. Ignore the "hard" quests if you know you're gonna have problems.

Remember waiting for groups to kill that flying bone dragon daily when AT first started and by the end of Wrath, you could solo it?

Play like you know how to use your brainz.

ps. saw my old post in this thread from a while ago and what a big difference a bit of gear makes.

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