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The same thing I do when I do it in my Disc spec: A Glyphed psychic scream. Glyphs are easy to switch out as needed =)

10g per switch - no ty
I would appreciate it if the quests themselves could be toned down a bit.
7 spiders, instead of 12.
7 villagers, instead of 14.

Also, let us have a clear path through the spiders and the town.

Agreed on the # of mobs. A clear path is the water.
The rewards are nice but I hope that they continue to add better and different rewards. Even if they are just fun and not so useful.

But better yet, how about some conversion to conquest points? (how about if I say please?)

Would it kill somone one if 200 TB comindations would equal 1500 conquest points? Would this break the game?

It may be partially my gear getting better, but ever since the aggro radius of the mobs around Largo's Overlook decreased, no part of the Peninsula has felt like an insufferable hell.

Getting away from Tank without a Sea Turtle might be troublesome, but every expansion needs a devilsaur, right?
It is sort of a catch 22 and a side effect of dynamic spawning. When there are a finite number of spawn points for certain creature types, and the rate of spawning is determined by the number of players in the area, this can lead to instant respawns at specific locations. We still feel that's preferable to set spawn times regardless of player population in the area.

I know I'd rather have a few creatures spawn on top of me and have to prepare for that potential outcome, than camp out and really fight with nearby players to get my quests done.

But it doesn't work. Sometimes I am still hunting for spawns while most of the time I have to stun or bubble to run away from mobs that won't stop spawning no matter how many times I kill them.

It's not really challenging either. As a paladin I never have died to just mobs (except when I want to for a quick teleport away from ghosts or out of water =P). I have however ran dazed across the spider area to get to the other side without spending 5 minutes fighting spiders that I don't want to fight, which just causes mobs rubberbanding onto other players which then makes them frustrated.

I did isle of quel'danas dailies every day in TBC and I loved it. I couldn't wait to get "done" with TB. I sle of quel'danas dailies were fun. TB isn't.
The respawn rate there is absolutely ridiculous. It's OK if you're a plate melee class, but if you're the least bit squishy, fahgeddaboudit. My mage ran out of mana in the prison with all the demons without moving five yards because everything I killed IMMEDIATELY respawned. It's absolutely atrocious, but it's par-for-the-course with this expansion.

Your Pal,
03/03/2011 5:30 PMPosted by Fezno
Would it kill somone one if 200 TB comindations would equal 1500 conquest points? Would this break the game?

Don't expect conquest points from TB. Honor points, sure, those should be buyable. (Maybe even BOA?) But not conquest.

Not so nice it outweights the hate of having to go there 500 times.

There is repeatable and content - rarely do they meet.

I think you vastly overestimate the value of what is there.

You've added virtually nothing to the discussion, but thanks for flexing.

Hey may have added nothing to the discussion, but he is right. /flex

No. Not my healy priest after he became immune to CC.

Class, not spec. Every class has a spec that can solo him, most can solo him in any spec.

He three shots me :|
Tol Barad Dailies have a great chance to provide tons of world PVP, but right now its hard to find people there because so many are discouraged by how strong the mobs are to even bother going in the first place.

A great fix would be a mob nerf. If you want to keep people interested in being there, simply update the rewards each patch to offer better items so people continue doing the dailies. World PVP is a huge reason people play other MMOs such as Aion and now Rift. We don't need a place like wintergrasp or the battle island for TB. Those both feel more like BGs than they do world PVP.

Think about the great Pre-BC World PVP zones. Tarren Mill Vs. Southshore. Blackrock Mountain. The Plaguelands (especially when naxx40 released). Silithus. What made people go there? It wasn't a PVP event. It was instances, raids, and both factions being uncomfortably close to each other. Those things drew people in. Sure, some people went to those places because they wanted to PVP, but they went there because that's where they could find a large congregation of people, not for some odd PVP objective.

EDIT: To add to my examples from Pre-bc, look also at TBC. Isle of Quel'Danas had what? Sunwell (a raid), MgT (an instance), and tons of dailies (which put the horde and alliance uncomfortably close to each other). Those are the pieces we need. An instance might even be optional with the way the dungeon finder works.

When you make the firelands area, don't worry about people missing out. In causing some people to miss out, you're causing many more to miss out on fun world PVP.

Oh, and don't let us fly there. That killed most random encounters. It's also the reason Hodir daily areas weren't much fun for world PVP.

Speaking of WotLK, you know where I did the most world PVP? Outside of Ulduar and the Sons of Hodir frozen lake. Constant battles in those 2 locations when people were doing them. People were at those places for the above reasons, although flying mounts really hurt things there.
I think Zarhym is missing one of the points here in that mobs are spawning much too qucikly.

Most of the times the mob I'm already killing isn't even dead before he respawns again. And again. And again.

It's a problem in a lot of Cataclysm areas that the respawn timers are incredibly fast. This worked in the first month when there were a hundred people doing the same quest at once, but when it's just me trying to get through a cave and each mob = 4 mobs when I only need to kill 8 and maneuver through the cave as well it's a massive pain.

It should be at least 30seconds since the original guy dies before the replacement suddenly APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE to take his place. Talk about suspension of disbelief..
I only do TB dailies on this character.


Because I can pull up to 5 mobs at once, and death strike + heart strike with DoTs up most of the time, and stay at 95%+.

If I'm feeling like I wanna die, I go up to 7+, which sometimes I pop cool downs. I normally just pop a cool down in the -5 however, just to speed things up a bit.

Not even in full 333 gear. Hell, I'm in some 318, and a very old trinket and pulling great survivability in this place as a DK. If there was suppose to be a challenge for all classes, I'm surely not seeing it as a blood DK.

---> Edit: Which in-turn with respawns, I normally deal with non-stop with full health. I think the longest I've gone before I was bored and ran out of the respawn zone was about 57 mobs, counted out of boredom and see how long I could last. Boredom took over and I moved on.

As a world area Tol Barad is the only challenging area that exists for 85s and that challenge lessens as you gear up.

Even if fully geared there still exists some challenge.

I ask in General if anyone is doing Tank or Problim and players do pipe up and help out.

The constant respawn is a pain for me as I am quite soft and tender and constant bashing hurts.

That increases the need for situational awareness though.

It also puts pressure on us to try to improve as much as possible. You will improve there. I did and as an upside to the initial frustration it feels better when I can do all the dailies with a few close calls and no deaths.

Much better feeling than waltzing in and slaughtering all in my way.
03/03/2011 5:24 PMPosted by Pantagana
10g per switch - no ty

not bad considering buying glyphs before was way more expensive

also .. i have np killing mobs in tol barad

maybe its you not knowing how to play and not the zone being hard
03/03/2011 1:05 PMPosted by Johammux
Player from PvE server complaing Tol Barad is too dangerous.

Man, id hate to see what its like on a PvP server.

On topic though, the only real hard one is Problim, just because some classes cant solo him.

I miss isle of QD

It's OK you can tell me what you are planning with Mt Hyjal.

It sounds very interesting. I enjoy any content that has the player change the world around them.

Nobody else need to know, we can keep it between us two.
I would appreciate it if the quests themselves could be toned down a bit.
7 spiders, instead of 12.
7 villagers, instead of 14.

Second THIS. I have a very easy time doing the quests, only dying occasionally (mainly my own stupidity). However killing 12 spiders isn't "hard" it's a boring grind. Why not make it like 8 spiders, 10 villagers (if not the OP suggestion).

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