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I wish there were people around to help me sometimes. I do those at daily reset...3am server. Only grouped a few times with a random somebody and it's much faster.

Yesterday 2 other guildies happened to be on and we won so we did 12 dailies together. Worked out nicely, except for the loot X of XX quests. So our group had to kill the entire swamp of alligators to get...8 alligator shoes each or whatnot. That must've been annoying for other people in the area.

Please make the quest item lootable for all party members from the one mob we all killed. The boss dudes have as many heads or eyeballs or whatever for everyone around who beat on him. Make the spiders and other beasties have the same mechanics.

And ixnay on the green gas effect inside the D-block (the underground place) - you have to pick up more X of XX stuff on the floor while mobs multi-spawn in your face and I can't see squat then some bastige goes around me and takes the doodad I was trying to get! I hate when that happens.

But I usually manage solo (all except Problim - he's is a brute. I need a healer!). Even die sometimes with bad pulls, but meh, rewards exceed repair =P. I just feel like a battered wife when I'm done. I Need mah mounts and a trinket and the pet bird. So I gotta go back again tomorrow and the cruel cycle continues. /sigh

Gear overcomes all quest difficulties, ne? Hang in there, new 85's. It gets easier. Sorta.

It may have been trouble when I was in fresh greens at 85 if multiple mobs got on me, but now this is no longer the case. My health rarely drops below 80 percent with recup rolling, and I can finish mobs off in a cheap shot stun somtimes. Just wait until you get better gear...

After getting my drake I pretty much only go to TB to look for some nice World PvP or some pocket gold. On Arthas its actually pretty busy, and graveyard fights happen all the time.
In my opinion, Tol Barad is ridiculously easy. But this is coming from a warrior...

I can't run out of mana and I heal 20% of my health after every kill, I can easily take on 5 at a time and not break a sweat. I've always wondered what Tol Barad is like for other classes...
03/03/2011 6:27 PMPosted by Dreoid
maybe its you not knowing how to play and not the zone being hard

Further to this, I have never had a problem killing mobs in TB. Not as a cat, not as a mage, not as a rogue and not as a shammy.

Never have I thought, "This is way too hard."

Never have I thought, "This is of medium difficulty."

Blizzard, break out the waaaaaaa-mbulance and pack every person that complained about this into it, then send it to Russia.

This... disgusting... part of the Warcraft community is what is wrong with your game. They'd be better off playing Rift.


God you make me so hot in the pants.
I've come close to being overwhelmed once or twice in the village, but a fear bomb and lots of running saved my bacon. Made me more careful. I like that.

The one time I did die on TB Peninsula was when I was afk on my mount, in a dead zone. My log showed: nothing. No mobs attacking, no damage, just death and me showing at the spirit healer. I sent in a ticket on that one, just because it was WEIRD.

03/03/2011 7:17 PMPosted by Karlea
The basic point is that, because there are some great rewards there a lot of players are working toward, the questing needs to be more difficult than a place like Twilight Highlands so it doesn't feel incredibly trivial by the time you have a 329 average item level.

What are these great rewards you speak of?

- Two weeks of winning 5 arena games gives you an epic weapon.
- Mastery is meh/not worth bothering/useless for a lot of classes/specs
- Vanity items... lol?

976 worthless commendations and counting since there is nothing worth buying.... I have had the vanity items after about 2 weeks or so of cataclysm.

Granted, for priests, there aren't that many great weapons. The mace that is available, I certainly would not spend my commendation points on. However, there are some great enchants, and vanity items, and there are a few pretty good items available. Commendations might be worthless to you, but that doesn't make them worthless to everyone else. If it's such a waste of time...don't do the dailies?
IMO the Tol Barad dailies are one of the few good points of the expansion. They're challenging and fun.

I do think the insta-respawn is a little ridiculous. Throttling spawning, so that lots of people in an area = lots of mobs spawning, is good... but there needs to be a built in "mobs must wait at least 2-4 seconds before respawning" IMHO.
03/03/2011 12:50 PMPosted by Tsoran
Only problem I have with it them is mobs chase you way too goddamn far.

The Farson Guards chasing you all the way to Hellscream's Reach is a bad thing.
It is sort of a catch 22 and a side effect of dynamic spawning. When there are a finite number of spawn points for certain creature types, and the rate of spawning is determined by the number of players in the area, this can lead to instant respawns at specific locations. We still feel that's preferable to set spawn times regardless of player population in the area.

Yes. Yes it is, by far. I love it.

I'd rather not die because I've been camped by respawns.

So... move.

Stop playing like your feet are nailed to the spawn point. Walk backwards as you fight. You know they're going to respawn quickly, so move someplace where there isn't a spawn. Yes, the next respawn will probably still aggro you, but the third one won't -- unless you're trying to farm them at level 70 or something retarded, there are plenty of "safe spots" where you can just sit and not be within anything's aggro radius.

The only way you can get "camped by respawns" is if you're standing there like bait.
I perfectly fine with it.

I die a few times a day there and it's just part of it. I can't see how anyone is bothered by it.
I don't think the quests are very difficult at all. Aside from the having to kill more crocs/spider/whatever if you're in a group. Like Vixie mentioned above it would be nice if each mob dropped one item of reach member. Maybe then people would actually do these a group.

What DOES bug me is that the commendation grind gets to be a huge pain if you're doing it on several 85 characters. I understand that you can't make each one BOA because people with more toons would have an advantage. But really what can you get from TB aside from an average weapon, trinket and some vanity items? Where's the harm in allowing people to farm these a little faster if they have more characters to work on? It's a huge time investment.

The current BOA commendations only grant reputation, they're practically worthless since to get the items you have to do the dailies anyway. And you'll be exalted before you get 125 commendations anyway. Perhaps these could be changed to grant a TB commendation as well or instead of rep? Change the price to 3 or even 6 TB commendations if you're that worried about farmers.
03/03/2011 1:05 PMPosted by Johammux
Player from PvE server complaing Tol Barad is too dangerous.

Man, id hate to see what its like on a PvP server.

It's like a Rogue's wet dream come true.

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