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I'm excited that this patch will redefine what I've known as a patch since I started in BC - I always knew a patch to come packaged with a new raid at the very least. Which, okay, yeah I raid, but there are a lot of players that don't raid, and a lot of players that raid at a less-than-breakneck pace (as you can see, I'm 10/12, more time until Firelands is fine by me). By getting away from the idea that "content patch = new raid," more content can be released faster for those other players that are more interested for the story/non-raid gameplay and - here's the kicker - raids can still be released on a reasonable schedule, separate from the Heroics and solo play schedule.

Think about it this way. Blizz has determined that it is too early to release Firelands. They have two options: 1) Refrain from giving us any timeline and subtly postpone introducing ANY new content until they feel it's time for Firelands. 2) Split 4.1 and 4.2 so that they don't lose the non-raiders while sticking to the timeline they find most suitable for raid progression.

Either way, Firelands comes at the same time. Personally, I'm really glad they're choosing 2.

Also: ZG/ZA make me so happy. I don't care that they're recycling a map, I'm really excited to follow up on what all has happened with the trolls. Coming back to old areas to learn how things changed is exciting to me - like going back to visit your high school after a few years in college and seeing how things have changed, or even just your home town and seeing the new stores, different faces.
03/03/2011 7:28 PMPosted by Attilian
The problem is its a "major content patch" and all it is are 2 rehashed 5 mans. There's nothing worth doing for the average raider

I can't help but notice you say this with a LOT left to do, raid wise.

Does this mean you are below average?
People are nuts trying to read the tea leaves of how the past MUST be kept as is for the future with regard to version nomenclature.

Relax. They've as much as said that they're changing the way they do releases.

That might have implications for versioning.

But I'll grant it's another thing that can be picked apart and QQ'd about apparently. Although I'm not sure I would have thought so two hours ago.
What about abyssal maw?

Is that delayed too for the new and improved ZG and ZA?
03/03/2011 7:43 PMPosted by Stumpyshock
When content becomes stretched out and stale customers leave...period.

And this is why WotLK was such an incredible failure from a business standpoint. Oh, wait....

I love how you keep saying this as if bosses are big white squares and story is nothing....all from a 72.

You haven't seen all the story either, have you, do you know what happens after beating Cho'Gall without looking it up on the Inetrnet? So we are in the same boat don't ya think? I am glad Firelands is getting pushed back, because the MAJORITY has not cleared the current tier. Good job Blizz

I can only assume you're trolling because I am talking about things that have been set up that are a lot and if this raid is bing pushed back 6 months after cataclysms release, that unless the next xpac is going top be pushed back, we have to be losing some content from the game to the novels. How do you not understand this point? Lore isn't just clearing bosses.

I want to see IN GAME why Garona is back in the Horde. I want to see IN GAME Garrosh try to explain to Alexstraza why he allowed the Dragonmaw's back in the Horde. And not just allow it, basically beat them into submission to get them in. I want to see IN GAME Danath confront Sylvanas.

But if all we get is ZG and ZA and a raid every 7 months, we will not see that and will have to yet again read the lore in a novel. That rather defeats the point of playing the game.
The problem is its a "major content patch" and all it is are 2 rehashed 5 mans. There's nothing worth doing for the average raider

They just said there moving away from "major content patch" and they would prefer several patches.
03/03/2011 7:53 PMPosted by Orcstress
Saying somebody has to have done every quest, every achievement, killed every boss on regular and hardmode before they can complain about content is one of the weakest excuses for an argument ever to grace this forum. And honestly it doesnt even make sense especially from a business stand-point. Its the equivalent of "you need to eat all your vegetables before you can get dessert" and guess what, we grew up to loath vegetables because of this idiotic mentality. When content becomes stretched out and stale customers leave...period.

Am I lying in what I say, and never did I say you have to do all quests, and achievements. But yes I did say raids, because this thread is about Firelands being left out of the next patch, and most people are butthurt about it, when they haven't even cleared the current content availabale to them? Do you get it?

And I will keep syaing this to people who have the audacity to want new content when they haven't even completed the current stuff. And judging from all these whiners in the thread, I'm gonna be here a while.

Bottom line, most people are not 12/12, so most people are not ready for Firelands yet. Quit crying and do the current stuff

Who cares if they arent 12/12. What if they are 9/12...or 6/12?

You do realize we are discussing a PTR patch here, right? Lets pretend that Firelands was in 4.1. It would take extensive testing on the ptrs before it was ever introduced to the live realms, aka a couple months. All large content patches have been done this way. So those guilds that arent 12/12 will be 12/12 or very close to by the time 4.1 is introduced. Now raiders have to wait for 4.1....then some minor content patches.....then 4.2 to be introduced on the ptr....then some testing.....then finally on the live realms. We are looking at beginning summer at the very earliest here. And no, they arent going to introduce the next tier of raiding in a smaller side patch. If you say otherwise then I will just walk away from that one.

And btw, why is it always some troll cowering behind his lowbie alt that comes up with the 12/12 argument?

It sounds to me like, yes, we are actually losing a Cata raid tier. To be precise, the 'War of the Ancients' raid tier.

So whats the difference if they call firelands 4.2, war of the ancients 4.3, and deathwing 4.4...

If they did that, I would have no complaints. However, I think that Blizzard is going to pump out the next two expansions much quicker than they did with Cata. I have good reason to believe that the fourth expansion will be out by mid-2012, and I really don't see Blizzard fitting three raid tiers into that time frame. So most likely, they are either offering the Ancients raid and Firelands together in 4.2, or dropping the Anceints raid entirely.

The story is not what good gaming is about. Plenty of the best games ever made have bad/incoherent stories.

In the 80's we had Marrio
90's Streetfighter/Virtua Fighter/Virtual On/Daytona
2000's we have Plants VS Zombies...etc

I give up, some of you guys don't's the gameplay experience...the new, motivating challenges, that can be accomplished without feeling like work, that make a game great.

I hope you lore fans realize you are the minority. The majority cares about content, being engaged in playing the game, not reading about lore. You know how many people wish they could skip the option of the blind dragon intro...I can't think of one person that doesn't.

People that pretend they're spokespeople for the majority tend to lack critical thinking skills. For example, "the story is not what good gaming is about?" Please don't speak in blanket terms. There are games you fall in love with because of their story, their characters. I remember when the main reward you'd get for beating a level was often story progression in the form of a cut scene. And though story is obviously just one component of any game, and some games emphasize it more than others, it's wrong to define gaming in such a way that it excludes story.

In any case, certainly people are immersed in this game's lore to varying degrees, but it's obviously pretty critical. WoW != Plants vs. Zombies.
03/03/2011 7:49 PMPosted by Moanshadow
If Firelands is actually a step up in difficulty, and if it's tuned around the (currently) best gear, only the most progressed would shift to it, no? That many are still progressing through T11 wouldn't really be a problem; they'd simply continue progressing through T11. It's okay that they're "not ready," isn't it? That's progression.

I have to admire your optimism. I think a more likely scenario is that people would abandon the current tier pretty much immediately, fail at Firelands and then flood the forums complaining about how Blizz only creates content for elites.

I could be wrong. Don't think so, though.

I don't think I'm being particularly optimistic. The scenario you're speaking of did not occur on any significant level throughout classic, BC, or WotLK pre-ToC. People did what they were prepared for. There was an actual, fleshed out path of progression.

I honestly mean no offense when I say this: it's a little surreal that there are people who have actually forgotten that.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Firelands supposed to be shipped with Cata? Meaning BWD, BoT, TotFW and Firelands?

I thought that's what it was supposed to be, but something happened with Firelands and it wasn't ready in time.

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