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03/03/2011 6:00 PMPosted by Deathlystale
Nooo I deserve to receive feedback! We're losing an entire raid tier? please ban me or something now I don't want to play this game anymore it's become a joke and fullfilled w blizz lazyness!

Then don't log onto the game and don't read or post to the forums. See how easy that was? And since you've stated your intention to leave already, why should you receive feedback? I mean, what's the point?
Sorry to nitpick, but an earlier announcement would have been nice. There's been plenty of evidence that Firelands wasn't coming with 4.1, but you've allowed people to (more than understandably) speculate otherwise. The timing of this announcement doesn't give me much confidence that this was part of an actual, fleshed out vision, but rather that you guys felt your hand was somewhat forced.

And in the way you hint but refuse to directly say that Firelands itself isn't ready, you just hurt your case.

Anyway, I'm glad that Firelands isn't being rushed out. Hopefully you guys follow through with this vision, and the result is both that the game is updated more often and those updates tend to be more focused. It'd be nice if they were more varied, too. You know, a patch that focuses on something like animations (and isn't released until those animations are done; see: the update to Resto Shaman animations), a patch that focuses on something like character customization, and so on.
Hmm, does this mean that the heroic difficulty in current dungeons are now an expected part of progression?

1. Will the raids be tuned with ilevel 372 gear in mind? As well as the loot tables?

2. Does this mean a step back from the number of raid Tiers for Cata? Or pushing back Deathwing?
You want them to rush Firelands out now so you can complain to no end that it sucks and needs more to it?

Blizz can never win.

I like what they're doing

This will give some people time to finish what's in game now, yeah sure there are plenty of guilds out there who have finished it now. That doesn't mean every raider has.

I'd rather them take their time on it so it will be better and more fun.

we make the flames of Sulfuron even fierier and this second showdown with the Firelord even more climactic.
What I am getting from all this is that Blizzard expected more people to have cleared more of this first tier of raiding content, but then were surprised when the played had not. First was the 2200 PvP weapon delay (twice), and now Firelands is being moved back presumably because, right now, there is 13 heroic raid boss content designed exclusively for less than 8000 guilds worldwide.

My question is: what further proof do you need that this tier (and expansion overall) was overtuned? Going forward, is Blizzard actually going to start tuning encounters for the median guild skill level, or should I expect to wait two months after Fireland's eventual release when there is another set of nerfs before doing anything of note in the endgame?

Are heroic modes designed for the top 10% or the top 50%?
03/03/2011 6:10 PMPosted by Katsuodashi
I don't quite understand why people are thankful that this raid is being delayed.

I think this is the most common misconception here; they said they want to release smaller and more frequent updates, not that it was being delayed.

Firelands wasn't even in 4.1 yet, and if Blizz put it in the whole patch would have been delayed by months. Releasing the content separately lets them get ZA/ZG out soon, when they're done, and Firelands later when its done.

Releasing the patch in 2 parts does not affect how long it will take to finish and release Firelands.
If you were waiting for me to clear the current raid content I'm not going to. I decided to get off the gear treadmill and press the easy button ie. doing raids a tier behind.

So you can go ahead with firelands in 4.1.
Im perfectly fine with Firelands being delayed, we can certainly use the time to work on the current content. I want Epic gems though!!
Might have been asked - but does this mean no new arena season until 4.2?
Posting on my main
Cool cool. I approve of this :). Ulduar's short lifespan was a very sad day for many people, and I'm glad this content is going to be out for a decent amount of time, especially considering it's difficulty compared to Wrath's entry tier.
This -better- still mean there are at least three raids, and not that we're losing anything. Personally I think the idea has merit... but that not saying it directly the moment 4.1 started to be tested was dumb on yall's parts.

As for more content, faster... Dance studio please? WTB not having the pokerface dance.
03/03/2011 6:10 PMPosted by Crepe
It's called datamining. There are things in the game files for upcoming content. There are also things in the game files that have been there for quite some time and never released. Datamining is an inexact science.

You'd never know by how people respond to it.

It's something of a guilty pleasure to read the results of datamining, but I don't put any stock in anything until it's actually out and live. I have little respect for anyone that complains about content delays that were little more than rumors at best.

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