Top rogues

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you guys forgot Jungwoo.
hai everyone, wuts goin on in here?
everyone thats posted in this thread is bad
Post removed.
Whatever did happen to mute?
The guy from RTZS just because I liked the videos.

Anyone can poison a boss thats just standing there making some stupid speech before you kill him for the 100th time. It takes a rogue of true skill to sneak into a movie on your PC screen
I'm easily the best rogue on this server*, sorry guys.

*List only includes rogues that have keyboard turned and clicked abilities since release day. Not lying, deal with it.
I dont know about best rogue,

But worse rogue would be a tie between Maiyou and Jerune aka Naiomi or what ever the hell his name is now
Damn Pdot, they don't like you on these forums...
Zijain - PvE
Xaeid - PvP

currently by statistical rating...which there is no other logical form....

You don't need threads for this #@! can armory most of it.

"Seems to be on par.. hmm.. are you comfortable with kicking?"
"appears to be a clicker"

OoOoOoOoOOoOOoOh NoOOOoOooOo I might not be able to tunnnnneeelll visssssiiiiooonnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Go to 2:07 into the video (The end) thats what it would look like in a real world interaction.
I'm not too familiar with the Horde-side rogue pro's, but on alliance side, it's Ashrah that kicks my ass any day, any time.

.... did beat him once though, just once.
Dunno which is the best rogue.
I wanna have EVO's babies
I'm obviously the best rogue on server.
03/21/2011 5:16 PMPosted by Rÿa
I'm obviously the best rogue on server.

Lies, you are a DK.
PvE Scums. Xaeid is the best rogue idgits.

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