[H] <HOOAC> Looking for DK + more


<HOOAC> is looking to add a few members. Yeah, yeah, so is everyone else.

We're not very good. We're only 4/12. We have about 12 core raiders, lost a few people to Rift.

So why should you join us?

1) We're like the only guild that doesn't have a main death knight.
2) We run old world raids, we run battlegrounds, we raid, we heroic, we do stupid achievements. Our number one priority is not being bored.
3) We've been together since early in EQ1 on the Veeshan server. Some have wandered off, most have come back at one point or another, but the point is - we're not going anywhere.
4) We're tight-knit. Everyone knows each other's moms. According to guild chat, anyway.
5) We're guild level 17, and have several of the benefits (both pets, standards, dragon feast, etc).

Shoot us a tell, run some %@#* with us. No real class or gear requirements. Just a friendly attitude.

Our raids typically start at 6PM server, and we raid 2 nights a week. We're looking for a DK willing to tank, and a Resto+Elemental shaman.

Check out our site at http://www.thehooac.com and see if our humor is right for you.
We killed Halfus, we suck slightly less :)
5/12. Still looking for a blood/frost DK and an ele/resto shaman.

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