Frost Mage PvP

09/04/2012 08:21 AMPosted by Xiun

well maybe this is on a mage forum duh! go away dk you stink lol

Okay first, you already replyed to this thread.

Not only did you reply, but you were the last one to post.

Not only where you the last one to post and already replied but you necro'd a QQ mage thread.

I just can't

I usually don't pay attention to the dates of certain posts, but this was hilarious. Maybe he didn't feel that his original line got the respect it deserved.
meh, the scaling on ice lance is... insane. I tried it a few times, got bored of bursting down holy paladins and resto druids.
well none wanna continue it from there so it is here.

yes frost mages are OP, they are over looked atm just cause of hunter stampede and i think it pretty much we all know frost mages are OP and saying it always and now i think we have come to a stage we have to live with it as the mages are now and there wont be any changes for it.

Yes again Frost is definitely OP for pvp.
an other thread too
nice necro

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