[H] Archon 10/12, recruiting 1 healer, 1 mage

<Archon> recruitment is now open for our 25-man raiding group.

The raiding schedule is Tue/Wed/Thu 7pm-10pm server time. Raid invites go out at 6:45pm server time.

We are a progression-oriented guild and think raiding is srs bsns. You are expected to come to raids prepared (food, flasks, researched fights) and on time. The guild atmosphere is friendly and professional. While wearing the <Archon> guild tag, you are expected to represent the guild with dignity and respect. The guild is made up of mature players, yet we keep a rated PG-13 attitude in both vent and guild chat. All jokes must be submitted to officers for approval.

We expect candidates to have put some care into their gear; no items below lvl 346 heroic gear, should have some crafted gear and a few raiding pieces. We shouldn't have to say this, but your gear should be properly enchanted and gemmed. You must use the typical raiding addons and have Vent.

We are currently recruiting:

- 1 primary healer (any class)

We are also looking for more DPS, specifically:

- 1 mage

Please visit http://www.archon-raiding.com for more information and to apply.
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Updated the recruitment list.
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