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Please tell me there will be a wand?


A thrown weapon, pretty please. There's an incredible lack of them and being that Tricks of the Trade requires them now, it sucks.
Zarhym is right. Just because your guild is ready for the next patch doesn't mean everyone else is. Only 30% of people who are level 85 acually do raids, and maybe about 10% of that 30 is in HMs right now. Lets see, thats 3% of the WoW population is ready for new content, but just because you and your guild are ready, means Blizzard has to release more content for you.
These instances are on a new RDF, right? Does it come with increased daily reward or will it be the same as heroics are now?
03/04/2011 6:34 PMPosted by Zarhym
But what about the dance studio? (I'm sorry, I had to ask.)

I'll have a dance party at my house. You're all invited. Time TBD.

uh oh... just don't bust out the authentic collector's edition Hammer pants
I agree with Blizzard on this one. Let's get the best from the content we have now and then go for another content patch.
I assume there might be someone that completed all the pve content he/she wanted but they're not the majority.
It is new. I dare anyone to set foot into ZA/ZG without the strats and without the experience of ever running it and 1 shotting it. It's new. The map is not the same, they are similar, but not the same.
Just throwing this out here for the OP:

Not all of the content has been cleared on Heroic 10man in the world yet. There's 2 guilds that are at 12/13, then the numbers taper off from there.

Trust me. You're not going to be clearing the rest of your content fast. You've got plenty of time to "farm" until Firelands hit.
WoW needs to expand things to do on OFF days, simply not add more raids to extend the problem. Most people I know are bored BETWEEN raids. While they enjoy raiding, outside of raid nights they really dont have anything to do on their 85s. Personally Id like them to fill that gap with 4.1 if possible. While I sympathize with you being bored with raid content, It will be easier to swallow if blizzard adds more to do in 4.1 than simply 2 heroics. There is a MASSIVE gap of interesting content outside of raids blizzard, give me something to look forward to on mondays, wednesdays and fridays too.
03/04/2011 6:00 PMPosted by Caelwyn
I'm still not seeing why you guys wouldn't want more new content.

Because the majority of people haven't seen the content Blizzard has already put out. (I think it's safe to say "majority" here, considering the recent blue post regarding ZA/ZG and the postponing of Firelands.) If they released Firelands, it would make BoT/BWD obsolete and those people would probably never see that content - and Blizzard wants their customers to experience what they've worked so hard on.

We are getting more content, by the way: new heroics that are on a whole new tier of difficulty.
recycled content once again?:

its a little too much already, i understand the delay of the raids, but im concerned ith this trend.
i can understand ony as a "gift" for the 5 year aniversary, or even naxx because a lots of people missed it, but having to re-run the same content every 3 years and feign that i like it is becoming annoying and is definitely NOT what i look on a mmo.

ps: this was supposed to be posted on the sticky, but the post limit has been reached.
New level-85 Stranglethorn quest line (phased) leading players into the troll dungeons

I am already 85 I don't want to do quests anymore I hate them

Zul'Gurub revamp

Zul'Aman revamp

pretty much worthless for the people that are already raiding

New & updated flavor items, vanity pets, and mounts

Don't care about this crap

03/04/2011 6:09 PMPosted by Zarhym
Guild Challenges (new guild quests)

That award feats of strength I suppose, and give nothing tangible other than maybe a title that doesn't mean diddle

03/04/2011 6:09 PMPosted by Zarhym
New tier of Heroic dungeon gear (epic item level 353) to give players a slightly bigger boost going into raids for the first time

If you are going to do this please hire some artist that can make good looking gear, I haven't seen any gear yet in cata that I was like wow that is cool and the legendary staff if the data mined design is what it really is way to continue the streak of design failure into 4.1

Opinion, and probably supported by a very small portion of the community.
Zarhym, I am glad that developers have not given up on players who do not have WoW as their second job. My guild barely existed before cata launched, and we have been progressing slowly but surely through the current content. We are a 10man guild that only raids thursdays and fridays from 7pm to 11pm. We only have 8 hours a week to progress and we are just beginning to see the end of blackwing descent. The 353 gear we will be able to procure through the revamped 5 mans is just what we needed. I just want to say thank you for allowing us this borrowed time to meet the end of this content, mostly under our own steam. Everyone begins somewhere. That is all.
Will there be some druid healing bracers? It's hard to get the specific ones because of the low drop rate in Lost city.
BTW, where will ZG be? It's old raid portal? I heard that ZG was turned into a questing zone in Stranglethorn (though I never levelled there on my alts). If so, what will happen to said quests?

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