Where can I farm Elemental Earth?

Title says it

I have checked wowhead for the best places to farm for elemental earth, but it (along with other places I have checked) don't seem to be updated to post cata, it sends me to find mobs that don't seem to exist anymore (or at least don't exist where the site says they should)

I would appreciate it if someone could let me know where currently the best places to find these are
Best place is with mining. Don't even know a second place, maybe something in deepholm?
Elemental Earth and Volatile Earth are two different things.
Silithus was always good to me before the shattering. Very northwestern most corner of the zone, past the air elementals.
They sell very cheap so you should put your time into farming something else you can sell then buy the earth you need, for example fishing volatile fire in Hyjal from the lava will get you around 80-100 volatiles per hour. On my server they're 20g each, double the value of earth.
Oops i just read the reply elemental earth lol sorry
Try molten core. I get some from mobs in there when we do our weekly clear for legendaries mats.
I really appreciate the replies, for anyone wondering or by chance looking for them also, I finally found a consistent place to farm these is Wintersping, on a mountain just northeast of Mazthoril (Frostshard Rumblers drop them still)
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Silithus was always good to me before the shattering. Very northwestern most corner of the zone, past the air elementals.

Since Silithus hasn't changed, this should still be a good place.
*performs thread necromancy*

I recently had good luck farming for Elemental Earth in the Badlands, specifically by wiping out the rock elementals buzzing around inside the Scar of the Worldbreaker. I was only after two EE, but got them within 5 minutes...so I decided to keep going just to see how well I'd do. After about 25 minutes, I ended up with 7.

Maybe I just got extremely lucky, but that's the best amount I've ever gotten while farming for these suckers, given the short time I spent doing it. I highly recommend heading there.
Ettrick was correct..went to that location and farmed 7 in about 30 minutes...
Well, um...if anyone's still wondering about this issue *this* year....

Elemental earth is pretty expensive on my server, so I used to farm those elementals on that mountain in Winterspring. I had even better results soloing Molten Core earlier this week, though.
I found killing rock elementals in the scar of the worldbreaker (Badlands) really quick. I'm not sure what the drop chance is, but my first kill got me 1 Elemental Earth, so I would start there.
A good place that I have found is out in front of Refuge Point in Arathi Highlands. Great drop rate.
Molton Core is alright too.
tyvm :)
The Winterspring area (post #9) works well....got either an Elemental Earth or something worthwhile on average every 6th kill. Thank you

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