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It looks like simcraft has a bug with the 4 piece as I get the same exact dps results with it toggled and not toggled.

I only optimized 2 piece by not using raging blow during inner rage and 2 piece t13 by itself is worth 3% dps. Add in Landsoul's napkin math for the 4 piece bonus of 3% as well, and you have a pretty damn good dps increase from our tier bonuses.
I was just curious if the post on MMO-Champ were correct:

Unshackled Fury now increases the benefit of abilities that cause or require you to be enraged by 44.8%, up from 11,2%.

And if so, how will it alter (if indeed it alters at all) the Stat Priority//Rotation for SMF?
It's not correct.
I'm slowly getting into raiding again and was just wondering if there was any difference between SMF and TG. Is it play style preference or does TG out perform SMF when you get heroic/Rag weapons?

Cheers :)
tg and smf are relatively even as long as you have equal ilevels. TG pulls ahead by 2-3% with BIS 391 gear, and then jumps up to 5-6% better if you pickup heroic rag weapons as there are no 397 smf weapons.
Thank you very much! And thank you for the fast reply :)
So I don't think the new talent system is going to be much better than the old.

Level 15: I'm assuming that they're removing intercept and just allowing us to charge whenever we want, in whatever stance. In which case, I'd probably swap between Juggernaut and double time, but mostly use juggernaut.
Level 30: Easy. Impending victory. They would have to nerf victory rush HARD to make enraged regen an equal option. (Or buff enraged regen!)
Level 45: Most raid encounters are immune to slows/stuns/etc. So, pick whatever you like.
Level 60: Rude interruption.
Level 75: Depends entirely on how much of a damage increase death wish does. We'll number crunch everything and there will be a clear winner here.
Level 90: Avatar, Duh.

So, if you're looking for honest to god pve raiding choices... the only choices you can make without looking like a baddie is at level 15 and 45 (Simply because it's a pvp choice). Level 75 will ultimately be number crunched until it is obvious that one of the talent choices is superior and anyone taking other talents is bad.

So, we'll be right back at cookie cutter builds again.

I know it's really early to be looking at this, since it will probably all change.
Still playing around with 4.3 on simcraft, so far it doesn't appear as if we need to make many changes in our rotation other than not using raging blow when inner rage is up, and not overlapping colossus smash with itself.

The only small optimization you can do is the following which I posted earlier:

Bloodthirst procs colossus smash
Inner rage is available for use in 6 seconds, as is your next colossus smash.

In such a scenario, you would allow your rage to pool during colossus smash, just do your normal rotation and use heroic strike at >75 rage. Then, dump all the rage you can into the next colossus smash right after that so that you can take advantage of a much higher DPR heroic strike. It's entirely possible to fit 4 heroic strikes into a colossus smash with inner rage and 2 piece, and you should be able to do that almost every time.

This scenario is fairly unlikely to happen, though.

Stat priorities seem to be roughly the same, with mastery falling further behind haste/hit.
Is anyone else getting a level 42 Undead Mage named Collision when they try to click on OP?
My guild transferred servers from Archimonde to Stormrage a while ago, and when I wrote this post initially I was on Archimonde so the first post will forever be tied to that undead mage. :P
Also, as expected, TG is starting to pull heavily ahead of SMF due to deep wounds scaling. It's time for this to be fixed, or SMF will be a dead spec come 4.3.

Current testing shows about a 2-3k dps difference in SMF and TG. That's just too much for me to justify staying SMF.

Also, I updated the entire front page to make it more readable and to correct various wording on my part as english is not my finest subject.
I've been out of WoW for a few months and as a result I thought I'd ask here before blowing gold.

I'm feeling hit heavy but I'm not sure what I could reforge into since most of the new gear I've gotten is Hit/Crit I should leave it alone right?

Also are my gems looking good? I'm so rusty I got the rotation back down but I just wanna be sure.

Your shoulders and 2 weapons are both reforged to expertise, and you're losing out on some Crit there.

Once you do that, you'll lose Expertise... so you can reforge some hit into expertise to get back to 26. First, reforge the haste on your ring into expertise and see where that gets you.
I read all of the first post you made, and thank you it was really helpful.

Hey I got a question, Hopefuly it is worth at the least talking about.

Ok So HS vs. rage consumption is a really bad ratio. So during my time of TG fury I made a macro for HS and Slam. Basicly when I get a free slam proc which requires no rage the macro combine HS with that free slam. Almost like another RB.

SO my question is: Is this macro worth keeping or is there better skills to combine that slam with?
You only use HS when you have more than 80ish rage. Never macro HS into any ability.
Ok why then? The slam is free when proc'ed and is instant. if combined with HS you get, not double, but more "bang for your buck", so to speak.

Well that makes sence to only use HS when I have a surplus of rage. However, if everything is on CD and that free slam procs why not use that macro?
Ok why then? The slam is free when proc'ed and is instant. if combined with HS you get, not double, but more "bang for your buck", so to speak.

Well that makes sence to only use HS when I have a surplus of rage. However, if everything is on CD and that free slam procs why not use that macro?

Anytime you use heroic strike outside of colossus smash you're wasting rage. You can save the rage that you would have used there to use during colossus smash, in which the heroic strike will hit harder.

If you're going to cap out on rage, by all means use heroic strike, but otherwise you want to try and save the rage for colossus smash.
Ah, thank you!
I will be very disappointed if come 4.3, SMF ends up playing second fiddle to TG. When SMF was first announced to be included in Cataclysm, I was very excited to get back to one-handed fury, having been very disappointed with Titan's grip during wrath and wanting to get back to the Vanilla/BC days of fury.

After having SMF'd it up for tier 11 content, and part of Firelands, I really hope the boys in blue don't cut it loose after only just re-introducing it back to WoW. I haven't done much on the current PTR in the way of testing, but after reading your post on the Deep Wounds scaling Colision, I do hope something gets fixed/added/changed/something to make the spec a little more....competitive.

Actually they may end up being relatively even, Simulationcraft had a few recent updates that fixed some issues with the warrior model. When you equalize weapons (391 vs 391) and remove the TG biased 4 piece bonus, they're almost dead-on even. The 2 piece bonus for T13 even favors SMF a little.

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