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11/03/2011 03:29 PMPosted by Collision
Actually they may end up being relatively even, Simulationcraft had a few recent updates that fixed some issues with the warrior model. When you equalize weapons (391 vs 391) and remove the TG biased 4 piece bonus, they're almost dead-on even. The 2 piece bonus for T13 even favors SMF a little.

Collision, have you seen any of the 1hers in 4.3? I can't seem to find any listing of items anywhere.

410 ilevel Axe with Crit/Mastery on it.


416 ilevel sword with a weird proc, probably intended to be a tank weapon first, but the proc will also work as a dps weapon.

What will be better? Probably the sword, but that's banking on the proc "procing" more than a couple times a minute.. The additional weapon damage should end up being the determining factor.
Quick question, will SMF be a competitive option in patch 4.3, or will deep wounds scaling be an issue?

You mentioned in an earlier post that they tweaked some of the simcraft stuff, but that was only comparing SMF and TG with 391 weapons. With the new weapons will they still be even, or is TG going to have a clear advantage?
It's impossible to say until we find out the proc rate on the 416 sword, but they are going to be within 1-2% of each other.

When I find out more, I'll let you guys know.

A quick advertisement though. Recently, my guild went 10 man after being unable to field a 25 man of sufficient skill.

As you may be aware, a 10 man group with 2 fury warriors in it is not the best 10 man, so unfortunately with the change we couldn't take a fury warrior that we had recently recruited with us, and he is currently looking for a guild. I feel bad because he transferred 2 weeks ago, and then we changed over to a 10 man. If I had known then that we were going 10, I wouldn't have asked him to transfer.


Reply to his thread if you're looking for a good fury warrior. I can't promise that he'll be the best warrior in the world, but he's definitely in the top 5% of warriors. Great attitude, good raid awareness, and with better gear he would probably outdamage me. (Don't tell my guild! Haha.)
What is the stat priority on SMF warrior?
11/13/2011 07:41 PMPosted by Logar
What is the stat priority on SMF warrior?


At least pretend you read the guide.
hoping for some trinket advice.

i have been using LtS and Caber with great results. and i picked up an apparatus earlier in tonights raid.

i have looked up several lists with trink rankings, and they all seem to be different, minus the vessel being first.

so my question is which 2 of those 3 are best?
Lol thank you
Love the guide btw, made the transition from Arms to Fury much better. I tried TG and just couldn't get a feel for the playstyle, then switched to SMF and fell in love with the spec. So thank you for the work put into this threat ;)

Now a question for Collision or another knowledgeable SMF Warrior, this is in regards to rotation.

So I got the rotation down Bloodthirst > Colossus Smash > Slam > Raging Blow

Sometimes I get the situation were I see my Bloodthirst is about to come of CD but if I use say Slam or Raging Blow I will trigger global and my Bloodthirst sits there for half a sec or so off cooldown. So is it better to wait the extra half sec or so to hit Bloodthirst or should I just use Slam or Raging blow then Bloodthirst after the global ends?

Lastly I think I have my gem/reforging/enchanting down correctly but a good critique is always nice. I know I am not using a optimal enchant on one of my weapons it is an alt and didn't want to spend 1500g (yes its that expensive on my server) for another landslide just yet.
ALWAYS use Bloodthirst every other ability. Sometimes latency can make it so that bloodthirst is 0.1-0.3 seconds away from cooldown but raging blow is available NOW and you will want to wait 0.3 seconds to hit bloodthirst.

So always do this (Blanks are open GCDS)


And fill in blanks with CS > Slam > RB > BS

Make sure you're spamming the crap out of the BT key, as it will reduce the amount of wasted GCD time.
hoping for some trinket advice.

i have been using LtS and Caber with great results. and i picked up an apparatus earlier in tonights raid.

i have looked up several lists with trink rankings, and they all seem to be different, minus the vessel being first.

so my question is which 2 of those 3 are best?


Depending on your gear setup, some of those trinkets will swap places. The easiest way to figure it out is to plug everything into Landsoul's Spreadsheet.

Caber + Apparatus is probably best for you.
Thank you for the clarification Collison :)
So I think 4.3 is set in stone.

Changes to SMF's rotation with 2/4 piece T13:

Never use raging blow during inner rage outside of colossus smash. It's ok to use raging blow as a filler during CS if you don't have a slam proc.

Setup a power aura to let you know when colossus smash is up so you don't accidentally overlap a 4 piece proc.

With 2 piece, our stat priority looks more like this:

STR: 1
Crit: .61
Hit >8%: .57
Haste: .51
Mastery: .36

Hit/haste are buffed fairly significantly, meaning once again we will want to avoid mastery whenever possible.

During Inner rage colossus smashes, it should be very easy to fit in 4 heroic strikes almost every time. Outside of inner rage you should always get in 2 heroic strikes, this is mostly thanks to secondary stat inflation which has increased our rage generation to the point where it can handle that every time. Naturally if RNG conspires against you and you don't have the rage to do bloodthirst, don't use heroic strike. :P
3/3 Incite now with the 2 Piece Tier bonus?

With increasing crit levels, 3/3 incite starts to lose value as it works against itself, guaranteed criticals become less valuable as there is a better chance than before for the heroic strike to be a crit without the guarantee.

3/3 Deep wounds only gets better with more crit.
I don't know what to think about the 5.0 changes. I don't like the removal of colossus smash from our rotation, not for DPS reasons as numbers will be readjusted but because it feels like they are going to make our rotation easier, and require less paying attention to the amount of rage available. I don't like dumbing down of specs, and this feels like it will do exactly that.

It'll be interesting to see if rend works its way back into our rotation, and it will depend entirely on if it ends up doing more damage per rage than heroic strike. There's no way to tell at the moment. It would add a little of the missing complexity back to the rotation, so I'm ok with that.
THey are adding more moves in it seems, so don't worry too much about dumbing it down.

Really can't wait to try out some of that aoe combos though.

Hope they actually have a grouping of dummies close enough to use it though.
Mortal strike will now be used in fury that is something that is forgotten in many warriors minds.
Mortal Strike (The ability) will be Arms.

Wild strike will give a MS debuff, but isn't actually the MS ability.
If HS and Raging Blow are both up and I have the rage for HS which would u use?


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