Outdated SMF guide. Please remove sticky. :)

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You posted specifics of what he should change. I was just offering my opinion that that didn't seem to be the best change and the reasoning. Yes, we all know we need to maintain that number.

I appreciate your attention to detail and where people can make changes. However, you didn't break down the complete package, only a few parts.

I understand your point, but sometimes common sense needs to be applied. He actually has a lot of issues with his reforging, and if I had made a whole list it would have been nearly every piece of his gear.

Basically, you maximize your STR with gems/enchants, then you maximize your Crit with reforges, and then after that you worry about reforging to 26 expertise. The rest then goes to hit. That is the chain of logic that everyone should use for maximizing their character (caveat: unless you are starting heroic raids where you're going to acquire lots of haste and thus his becomes less valuable, e.g. Landsoul's build).

P.s. if you're wondering why I say to maximize crit before expertise, it's because you will have no problem getting 26 expertise, therefore it's almost a given

Thank you for supporting my lazyness in not wanting to post yet another thread in 25 pages. =P
Grats on the sticky.

- HoR: Expertise to Crit
- Ring 1: Hit to Crit (not mastery)
- Boots: Haste to Hit (not mastery)

Oh, it's an error on the armory for my first ring. Cloudburst Ring of the Earthshaker gives Hit/Crit, but for some reason it only shows the +Hit. Hence, hit to Mastery.

I keep my hit a low as I feel my rage generation is at a pretty solid spot. Admittedly, I haven't played around with higher hit levels, so I'm not sure how much of a benefit I would see.

I haven't had much time to play around with reforging since I got some of my newer pieces (chest, trinket, shoulders), so my stats were a little out of whack. I actually reset all of my gear back to their base stats before logging off, and jumping on quickly to do a heroic.

Ah, and I'm happy to see I was doing it right then. I'll continue to mash my raging blow
button then, and use slam while it's on cooldown. Thanks brahs.

Edit* Played around a bit with my stats. I jumped my crit up a couple of points, and things should generally be a bit smoother now. My mastery is quite a bit lower now, so I'm curious to see how things will be. Slam looks to be a better choice now!
Yay sticky :D:D:D
It's about damn time this got stickied.
Unrelated to SMF, but tanking heroics with 99% dps gear and a shield on is surprisingly effective. Mastery converts to block and the STR converts to parry so even in my DPS gear I have 40% block, 13% parry and 5% dodge with 160k HP (15% buff, naturally.)

Generally most people don't even notice until they wonder why I'm doing 40k on trash and 13k on bosses. Oh, and when FoA procs it does look a little strange for a dragon-kin to be tanking.
What's your impression of FoA vs LtS? I have both but LtS seems alot more convient, but I'm not convinced one way or the other. I noticed you just equipped a FoA, how do you like it?
I think that FoA is slightly better than LTS.

It's not a huge difference. Certainly not worth spending 20k to purchase one. We just had one drop in raid and I picked it up then.

But yeah, it's better. It's certainly better for anything involving a burn phase with it being a clicky trinket.
Do you think the extra damage done by being able to time the FoA effect with other 'phased' effects (e.g. Colossus smash, DW, Reck, or a boss's burn phase) is greater than the overall damage increase of a persistent +380 STR (build-up time is really quick, so perhaps we should assume it's negligible for this)?

According to my Simcraft with current gear over 10k iterations the difference amounts to be about 10 dps in favor of FoA. I think in a fight like Magmaw, you might see a significant difference, but being able to line everything up can be problematic, I normally will activate deathwish when I have 3 stacks up and by the time I have 5 stacks, deathwish still has about 20 seconds left so it's stacked together somewhat.
That was what I was thinking, from a pure "static use" scenario... but if you use it dynamically (i.e. during CS phase) it would probably be more than a 10 dps difference.

If you hold out using it 10 seconds during DW, you're losing out on your colossus smash effect, aren't you? Or do you delay that, too?
The more movement/burn phases in an encounter, the better FoA is than LTS. In a completely patchwerk-like encounter they're probably even, but on an encounter like atramedes... FoA just blows LTS away.
That's what I was thinking... unfortunately, they are going for 29k on my server. Therefore, I must hope that one drops during our runs.
Are you guys finding FoA easy to line up with Csmash for better dumps?

Or do you keep FoA on cooldown?
Hey collision grats on getting a sticky. I been super busy with school finals ect. What spec is pulling ahead in sims with the new changes.

Was just browsing through here and since I use SMF I thought I would offer you some insight.

http://simulationcraft.org/406/warrior_auto.html - Current Patch
http://simulationcraft.org/410/warrior_auto.html - PTR

Just by the way things looks it seems like all three specs are very competitive.

Two things to note when using reading what simcraft professes is that there is not always someone who models the actions and knows what is actually BiS for some classes. The second is that simcraft doesn't model raid damage very well and so it over values hit for the current content. It's why you see warriors like Landsoul running with as close to 8% hit as possible even though in simcraft, at least if you are SMF, it is the second most valuable secondary stat. Because there is so much raid wide damage often times you have to just hit heroic strike to keep yourself from rage capping because everyone of your other abilities are on cooldown. It's not a particularly effcient rage dump but it's better than rage capping. At this point adding +hit is only increasing our rage generation that we can't spend or can't spend efficiently enough so most people once they reach 8% hit and 26 expertise are just reforging mastery.

I realize this was more than you asked for but hopefully it will fill you in.
Ty for the information. Glad to see their that close. I'm excited to be able to play arms again. Not much of a fan of the fury rotation.

Just checked your armory. I used to use the same rings you do. Simcraft put the two blue ones I'm wearing Skyshard and Nova Band higher than either of those. I can't remember what my results were but between be able to better reforge gear after switching, I think I came out around 500 simulated dps higher. Now I don't know how that reflected in reality, but I have alot of confidence in Simcraft.

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