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Most of this is just rambling while trying to calculate SMFs rage income/rotation.

For Fury, a main-hand swing as SMF gives you 13 rage(16 enraged), an off-hand swing gives you 6(7-8 enraged)

Non-enraged RPS
Main-Hand: 5 Rage per second.
Off-hand: 2.3 rage per second
Total: 7.3 RPS

Enraged RPS:
MH: 6.15 RPS
OH: 2.88 RPS
Total: 9.03 RPS

Other factors:
Battle shout: 20 rage every 60 seconds, 0.333 RPS
Bloodthirst: 10 rage every 6 seconds, 1.6667 RPS

Overall Non-enraged RPS: 9.3
Overall Enraged RPS: 11.03

Now, I'm going to guess that critical chances are going to be around 12% at the start of Panda. So, 12% every GCD to become enraged, and 52% on bloodthirst every 3 GCDs.

Fury will probably be played in 20-second cycles once again, based around colossus smash. In 20 seconds there will be 13.33 GCDs to use, 14 if you include that bloodsurge will proc 1.2 times every 20 seconds.

11 Normal-Crit GCDS, 3 Bloodthirsts.

12% * 11 = 1.32 abilities will enrage you.
52% * 3 = 1.56 abilities will enrage you.
Overall: 2.88 abilities every 20 seconds will trigger enrage.

So, then taking the following into account:
Enrage: Critical strikes with special abilities and critical blocks Enrage you, increasing the rage you generate from normal melee attacks by 25% for 6 sec.

Let's say that on average, 1.5 seconds of each enrage is overlapped.
2.88*4.5 = 12.9 seconds every 20 seconds of enrage, or a 64% uptime on enrage. Not too bad.

12.9*11.03 = 142
7.1*9.3 = 66

So every 20 seconds, ON AVERAGE, we can expect 208 rage, or 10.4 RPS.

But wait! We're basing this on a world with no melee haste/flurry. Melee haste is 10%, which brings weapon swings from 2.6 to 2.38 and..

Flurry: Your melee hits have a 9% chance to increase your attack speed by 25% for your next 3 swings.

So assuming that includes specials as well as autoattacks, every 20 seconds we will have 26 chances for flurry to proc, which leads to 2.3 procs every 20 seconds, or 6 1.78 second hasted swing, which is roughly 25% uptime on flurry.

1.35*5*10.4 = 70 rage
1.1*15*10.4 = 171 rage
Total: 241 rage ON AVERAGE every 20 seconds, or 12.1 RPS.

What can you do with 241 rage in 20 seconds? As I mentioned before, we have 13 possible GCDS. (14really, with bloodsurge)


Colossus smash: 30 rage, 1 GCD = 30 rage used
Bloodthirst: 3 GCDS (Rage already accounted for)
Wild Strike: 30 rage, 4 GCDS = 120 rage used
Raging Blow: 10 rage, 3 GCDS = 30 rage
Bloodsurge Wild Strike: 10 rage, 3 gcds = 30 rage used
Total: 210

I ignored rage lost from "missing", but we can guess that the actual rage income will be at least 15% less than that, so probably around 10.2 RPS, or 208ish every 20 seconds.

So we basically barely have enough rage to use our full rotation.
An early rotation for SMF in MoP:

Basic rotation:

Blanks will be filled in with:
Colossus smash > Bloodsurge Wild Strike > Raging Blow > Battle Shout > Wild Strike

Wild strike hits harder than a colossus smash heroic strike, so there's no reason to use heroic strike as our rage generation isn't high enough to support it.

In a "Perfect" world, Colossus Smash would go like this:


That's 60 rage. As I mentioned before, we're going to average 10.2 RPS. Colossus Smash lasts 6 seconds, so you'll gain roughly 60 rage during it. That means that heading into Colossus smash you need to have 30 rage saved up. Extremely different than the world of fury right now, where you need 70+rage.

The nice thing about our rotation here, is that you can dump out absolutely every point of rage you have and your rotation will not fall apart due to bloodthirst GIVING rage, rather than costing it.

With my current rage generation guess, we'll probably have to skip one wild strike right before colossus smash in order to compensate for RNG of missing.

What if you get super-lucky and get a bloodsurge proc?


30+ 30 - 10 = 50 rage total. If a bloodsurge happens, it will probably be necessary to use heroic strike once to prevent rage capping before the next colossus smash.

Impending victory/Dragon Roar are excellent rage free GCD-fillers.
Execute is calculated by:


Attacks based ONLY on attack power (Dragon Roar, Execute) currently do not benefit from the 1.35 multiplier on SMF.
Updated some crap, finally got beta. It looks like the 1.35 multiplier for SMF is indeed weapon damage, and does not include attack power based abilities such as execute/dragons roar.
Chances of not being able to use raging blow:

You have 14 "Rolls" every 20 seconds, with a .12 chance of an enrage on normal attacks and .52 on bloodthirsts. The probability of NOT getting those rolls consecutively are calculated by
(.88)^11 = 0.25
(.48)^3 = 0.11
.25*.11 = 0.023 or 2.8%
So 2.8% of the time you will not get an enrage for 20 seconds.

Now, considering any 6 second period. 4 rolls total, 1 for bloodthirst.
(.88)^3 = .68
(.48)^1 = .48
.68*.48 = .32

So there is a 32% chance that you will not have an enrage every 6 seconds for RB.

When will an enrage happen if you're waiting on it? I'm assuming the following, where you have just used BT and it didn't proc enrage, which means you are forced to use wild strike instead.

.88 = 88% chance of no enrage
.88^2 = 77%
.88^3 = 68%
.88^3*.48 = 32%
.88^4*.48 = 28%
.88^5*.48 = 25%
.88^6*.48 = 22%
.88^6*.48^2 = 10%
.88^7*.48^2 = 9.4%
.88^8*.48^2= 8.8%
.88^9*.48^2= 8.2%
.88^9*.48^3= 3.4%
.88^10*.48^3= 3.0%
.88^11*.48^3= 2.6%
.88^12*.48^3= 2.2%
.88^12*.48^4= 1.1%

I'll look further into the numbers another time.
1st time testing it crossing fingers :)
I forgot how annoying it is to play this game without power auras.
collision.. hey

just got a pair of 410 morchok and 403 agility. which one would u recommend MH?

i miss smf alot, :(

the gurth proc though is hard to give up
416 Agility 1H
410 Morchok axe
416 Souldrinker
403 Agility 1H
397 Morchok axe
403 Souldrinker

410 Morchok Axe
416 Souldrinker
416 Agility 1H
397 Morchok Axe
403 Souldrinker
403 Agility 1H
collision.. hey

just got a pair of 410 morchok and 403 agility. which one would u recommend MH?

i miss smf alot, :(

the gurth proc though is hard to give up

That's actually a pretty hard question. Off-hand weapons are almost "Stat sticks" for SMF and the 403 agility weapon is awful in the offhand, so I would go with 403 agility in main hand and 410 morchok offhand.

I haven't actually tested this, run it through any sim, or spreadsheet. I'd recommend putting it in landsoul's spreadsheet and see which one wins out. I'll do it myself sometime.
Hit my reforge addon to see if I missed anything since I haven't checked in awhile and it told me to change my pants and OH to reforge off hit into crit. I didn't go through with it and questioned it because they both have haste on them. So basically I'm just asking if it would be better to reforge the hit off instead of haste, and is there a point where haste becomes better then hit?

I'm asking because I just assumed that it was Hit > Haste up until I hit 27%.
I believe because the stats on the off hand just make it better than the proc same reason you dont see high end fury warr dual wielding 2 herioc gurths
04/20/2012 09:12 PMPosted by Crunch
Gurth has a significantly low proc chance in the off-hand position
04/20/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Bloodward
stats on the off hand just make it better than the proc

Sorry if that wasn't clear but in any case Sim it..
04/20/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Crunch
Why is Heroic souldrinker not ahead of hand of morchok? it procs alot in the off-hand position. I have Heroic noklad, heroic souldrinker, and heroic Hand of morchok.

The proc still doesn't happen as often as it does in the MH. However, even if it did proc just as often in both hands, it doesn't hit hard enough to make it better than H HoM in the offhand, which is why you see that H HoM is better than H Souldrinker in the main hand as well.

If off-hand proc weapons were worthwhile, then No'kaled would be BIS in both hands.
They definitely took a weird approach to enrage.

I don't like:
The chance for Bloodthirst to be a critical strike increases the longer it has been since you have been Enraged.

That's just awful design for an ability. How much does the chance increase per second? Does this mean that at the start of an encounter our bloodthirst is guaranteed to crit since technically we are not enraged out of combat?

It just feels like it's a poorly designed fix to what everyone (Except me) was complaining about with enrage uptime.

Battle Stance - Increases rage generated from normal melee attacks by 100%.
- Neat? I guess. We're at least going to use heroic strike now.
Berserker Rage - You become Enraged, increasing the rage you generate from normal melee attacks by 50% for 6 sec.
- Same as before, just tooltip change.
Berserker Stance - A reckless combat stance. Generates rage from damage taken.
- Ehhhhhhh. I don't know about this. How much rage is generated? Do we lose rage from stance-swapping now? I'm intrigued by the idea, as it gives good players a way to separate themselves from others, but unless it's balanced properly I'm worried that we will just ALWAYS be in berserker stance, or ALWAYS in battle.

Enrage - Now works with melee abilities instead of just special abilities. Now increases the rage you generate from normal melee attacks by 50% for 6 sec, up from 25%.

- This could lead to balancing issues with SMF/TG.

Quick math FOR SMF
2.4 second swing (Hasted, etc.) from 2 weapons
1 ability used per GCD (1.5 seconds)
12% chance to crit on everything now (Ignoring the stupid bloodthirst changes)

So every 1.2 seconds we have a 12% chance to enrage from weapon swings, and 1.5 seconds for GCD usage. Let's just average this out and say every 1 GCD we have 2.25 chances to get enraged.

Considering raging blow can be used every 6 seconds, how likely are we to NOT have any enrage for it?

(.88)^9 = 32% chance of not having enrage every 6 seconds.

Now, what's our average enrage uptime in any 20 second period?
.12*30 = 3.6 abilities will enrage you on average every 20 seconds.
1.5 seconds of enrage "overlap"
4.5*3.6 = 16.2 seconds, or 81% uptime. A significant increase.

Oh, here's the great part. As TG:
Enrage every 6 seconds: 40% chance of NOT having an enrage every 6
.12*25.6 =3.07 abilities enrage you
1.5 seconds of overlap
4.5*3.07 = 13.815 seconds, or 69% uptime.

TLDR: SMF Has 81% enrage uptime, TG has 69%. Commence !@#$%ing.
(This is probably the reason why Bloodthirst is so weird now.)

For Fury, a main-hand swing as SMF gives you 13 rage(19.5 enraged), an off-hand swing gives you 6.5 (9.75 enraged)

Non-enraged RPS
Main-Hand: 5 Rage per second.
Off-hand: 2.5 rage per second
Total: 7.5 RPS

Enraged RPS:
MH: 7.5 RPS
OH: 3.75 RPS
Total: 11.25 RPS

Other factors:
Battle shout: 20 rage every 60 seconds, 0.333 RPS
Bloodthirst: 10 rage every 6 seconds, 1.6667 RPS

Overall Non-enraged RPS: 9.5
Overall Enraged RPS: 13.25

SMF Enrage Uptime: 81%
TG Enrage Uptime: 69%

SMF RPS: (.81*13.25) + (.19*9.5) = 12.53 RPS on average
TG RPS: (.69*13.25) + (.31*9.5) = 12.09 RPS on average

Add in windfury, so 10% increase in resources for windfury.


Then flurry procs, which we're just gonna say add in .5 RPS at best.

14.25 *.85 (misses) = 12.1125 OVERALL rps SMF
13.79*.85 (misses) 11.7215 OVERALL rps TG

So at the end of the day, we will have 242 rage to work with every 20 seconds as SMF. TG will have 234, or 8 less.

AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE. Our rage income was increased by this patch by about 18% for SMF and 14% for TG.
Hello, ok so my guild we are in HM spine progression and i play mostly arms every lift my dmg on tendon was around 1.64mill, while our fury warr was 2.88mill top dmg in every lift. Next week we r doing 2 10m to clear 8/8hm and im going fury for spine yet idk what they reforge, hows the rotation cause every time i play im rage starved. If anyone can give me any pointers would help a lot thank you.
I've played around a lot with Fury/Arms on the MoP Beta.

There's something missing.

I don't know how to describe it, but something about the current rotations for both just don't feel "Fun" to me. Arms is better than Fury, but both are lacking something.

Anyone else feel this way?

Maybe I'm spoiled because I've been playing my frost dk a lot lately, and I'm really enjoying playing with 2 resources instead of 1.
Thats probably it for arms but for fury I get kinda bored with it i dont feel berserky at all.

To much WS i think because with enrage being kinda rare its all i have to hit

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