UI addon that lets you move your map?

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im looking for an addon that lets you move your map around. ive seen screen shots of people with their map in the bottom middle of their screen and their action bars all around it. i love this setup but cant find out if it was a custom setup or an addon design. if any1 knows the addon that does this or one that enables me to move my map it would be much appreciated. thanks.
i personally use chinchilla, but sexymap also works well, and although it will take a bit of time to move everything around the map the way you want it, bartender will allow you to move the action bars to wherever you want them
ok thanks. i found spartan ui but it takes to long to load and a few of the things i dont like the placement.
hi how do you move your world map i have eye finity and hate looking a 1000 feet just to see were i am!! HELP please
Just use one of the numerous addons to move default blizz elements:
Is there a way to minimize my world map or make it movable?
Don't be afraid to make new threads instead of necro'ing one for a totally different question. :p

If I'm not mistaken, this is part of the default UI. There should be an arrow to minimize it near the close button perhaps...

I use Mapster, though, if you want your world map smaller all of the time.
I just use Carbonite; it has an active, scrolling world map set on top of the atlas, you can move and click-drag scale the map to any size that you desire.
The world map is moveable in its smaller (minimized) form. Right click it to unlock and move.
Sexy Map is what I use and you can unlock it to move it around, also choosing a pretty frame as well.

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