Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 7.2

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Vanguard! What is the verdict over Retribution and Seal of Justice, like to see your honest opinion about it. thankyou!

Looks like Van switched servers again, can't seem to armory the his latest.

Daisyfan, I'm not the OP, just someone who world and bg pvp's a lot as Ret on live and PTR with the occasional RBG and Arena. The current version of SoJ (+20%) is nicer then the 16% it was, but it still doesn't come to replacing SoT/Censure in my experience. They were trying some weird stuff with SoJ on PTR but couldn't iron it out, so they just did this 'token' buff to at least show they are trying, imho.

Basically you'll find yourself keeping it up a little longer than before when seal dancing, and if you train a target to burn thru snare removal, it gives you slightly more pressure. You can keep it up full time in Strands of the Ancients pretty much, but elsewhere in general and outside of specific tactics, it's more or less going to see the same limited use as before.

Dammit, I just regemmed resilience.

Keep gemming it in 5.2. It gives better returns than anything else. New code giving us increased healing from PvP Power isn't so great and isn't worth gem-stacking for the healing returns. Basically our healing got slightly buffed. And if you stack PvP Power for a dps increase, the returns are less than what you get from resil.

I messed around with Str stacking last patch, and even recommended it for a time, but I have since recanted my position on it and coincided with Van's previous assessment. That is, stack resil.

You don't need to stack PvP Power for healing, we got that buffed.
You don't need to stack Pvp Power for DPS, we got that buffed too.

Go Full Resil while acquiring socket bonuses is my recommendation in 5.2.
updated for 5.2, also gave out a reason why Resilience is best.

HOWEVER - Resilience has been nerfed slightly please keep this in mind! Will have to do some testing to see if there is some point where gemming Resilience is no longer worth it.
Always a perfect guide, ty Van =D
Awesome guide Vanguards!!! helped me so much :)
Thank you for this amazing guide, Vanguards. You are my inspiration for playing ret pally :D
Thanks for the guide, I'll be making a few adjustments according to some of the points in this post, which is 2 years old, wow. (I know, updated, but still wow.) I did have execution sentence because I thought the damage was more over time than the holy prism but burst is probably the better choice, and it heals other people too. I was really wondering how ret paladins were faring across the board this patch and their potential for comps in 2s because I'm considering getting into that. We will find out. :)
Van, thank you for your time. We all know you are busy reaching R1. But if you get a chance, please tell me your opinion about the following question

Now that our heals have been increased, is crit still as important as it was last patch? I do play the support role in pvp but am not sure if the rng crit heal is worth more support than the increase in sustained damage mastery brings. Do you think our heals have improved to the point that we dont have to count on as many crit heals? I realize crit affects all damage spells.
I'm leaning towards mastery as ive been overhealing more than ever. But I have not done much arena this season. Ive done some 2s, lots of bgs, and a ton of duels. Btw, RoP is a pain in the hilt!
Congrats on s12 achievs! World only ret and enhance?
Be well, B)
haha check this out

named after Van maybe xD
I'm a little confused on how glyphs work. could someone explain to me?
any update on pvp power and resill? Waiting til I get full Malev to gem and enchant / reforge.
wanted some advice on paladins if someone could help me out

im wondering about where my dps should be and if I can improve.
haha check this out

named after Van maybe xD

Not likely, as it's a tanking item. A "vanguard" is defined as the troops moving at the head of an army, or as the forefront of an action or movement. Since tanks are designed to be at the front of the action, the item was most likely named after the common definition and not the player himself. it was actually named after vanguards
I'm a little confused on how glyphs work. could someone explain to me?

They just enhance your already available capabilities. Purchase it of the AH or get it made by a scribe, place it in your Major/minor glyph sockets and the effect starts immediately.

Here are two examples -

Blinding light (without Glyph) - Normally disorientates the player for 6 seconds and the effect is broken if the affected targets are damaged.
Blinding light (with glyph) - Stuns players for 3 seconds, this does not break on damage.

Templar's Verdict - In short does damage.
Templar's Verdict (with glyph) - the ability now reduces your damage taken by 10% for 6 seconds after use while maintaining its original purpose.
After 5.3's release I went on the PTR to find the answer to how to gem and it lead to some interesting discoveries. A lot has changed.
Updated to 5.3. The biggest change in 5.3 would have to be our gemming. I'm going with currently Strength on red, Strength / Haste on yellow, and strength / PvP Power on blue. Resil gemming has been nerfed by half, and PvP Power gemming is no longer too effective. Gemming for hit on blue sockets is ineffective due to Rets being over-hit cap from PvP gear even when reforging out of it.
Van- I am seeing some local All Stars using the 2/2 upgraded (484 ilvl I believe) Relic of Xeun with the proc chance tyr trinket. With the game being crazy in CC, a lot of non humans are not even bothering with the medallion anymore. Thoughts?

I am going to spend the week practicing w/ those two trinkets in BGs where I can relax a little.
I absolutely HATE how the past few years that medallion trinket is like an anchor as far as gearing goes.

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