Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 7.3

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I read earlier about the pvp match up against mage for a Ret, and it helped a lot.

However, the biggest problem for me is pvp against a Rogue. A lot of people are saying that Ret pallys should win it easily, but I have problems.

It always goes down like this....

Sap>stun> tons of damage> Me dead... and every duel seems to last like 10 seconds lol

Most of the Rogues i am dueling are pretty geared, but still, there has to be a way to make the duel more like a duel..

Someone want to school me?

I do trinket out right a way after the first stun, and hand of freedom ( Having Seal of Truth)

Cool thread.

I do trinket out right a way after the first stun, and hand of freedom ( Having Seal of Truth)


the first stun or the sap? you don't want to trinket on the sap because they can't damage you without knocking you out of sap, so it's a little waiting game until the first stun when they are able to damage you. do your best to always be facing the rouge so you can't get backstabbed or whatever that stun they have is called. I personally try to space my cooldowns so that when you get stunned you haven't wasted all your dps.

but I should probably add that I die more often to rouges 1v1 then I do to other classes. Or at the very least, they are much more annoying than other classes.
i'd also like to add the possibility of using "Avenging Wrath" makes damage and healing better and also lets you use hammer of wrath, which as all of you know does high damage, so take that into consideration... it'll help drastically, at least it does for me.
Van I was contemplating my spec to ret for pvp, so I went to check out what you were doing in order to be successful. What I saw baffled me, your gear doesn't make much sense, On one piece you reforge say hit for crit, then on the next hit for mastery, then mastery for expertise...your reforging is all over the place, I recommend checking out in order to get your stats more organized. Also you glyphs threw me a bit as well, why you use glyph of turn evil and glyph of ascectic crusader doesn't really seem like the logical choice to me...can you please explain
Vanguardy hasn't arena'd on this character since before 4.1, Clogale. He changed his specs/glyphs depending on his team comp. As for reforging he was probably aiming for a specific stat weight balance OR he was messing around with a crit build VS mastery build at some point and things got switched up.
Hey i am currently playing a hunter and i have an 85 pally (just like everyone else). I was wondering if there worth gearing up. I mean holy is getting nerfed with there base mana cost of heals. Ret got nerfed and prot is no fun because i get kited non stop. So i was just wondering should i even waste my time gearing a ret pally. Like would i regret it in the end?
How much expertise should a pally have? some people told me I should get 20 so I have at least 5% for 85's.
I dont know if ppl still reading this post but do you guys use zeoltry and wings at same time or do you pop wings right at start and zeoltry after?

ive been waiting for 3 holy powers then i will pop both at same time, is this actually the right way to do it in arena?
I usually use my guardian ahead of time when i no i am going to burst. Then when i get 3 Holy power and atleast 15+ ancient powers then i use Zealotry and then inquistition and then wings/trinks so i can pretty much kill anything with another dps on them
Grats Ret paladins you got your WoG back :)

I,ll just be over here mourning the death of prot pvp /sob :,{

Yeah I miss my prot pvp too. I was forced to make a switch to ret after the nerf and it still stings every time I go into an arena but i'm getting used to it.
Why don't we need Eye for an Eye? I mean, the casters and ranged are really a pain for melee, so why not give some of their damage back to them? Please explain
I cant really say why he doesn't spec into it but imo the chance is just not high enough. A 40% chance to only cause 30% of the dmg to get back. I think points could be better spent elsewhere since. Plus getting killed and kitted by a mage with his shield up is just going to absorb that dmg and if he does take any it wont be much
Ok, thanks
I have some questions,
1) Why didn't you get Art of War up to 3/3 in first Talent, only 1/3. A free exorcism is always good.
2)Why don't we need the Divine Storm ability?

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