Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 7.3

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Ok I have been pvping back since wrath and still have yet to get a good 3v3 team/2v2 team idk if its me or them im sorta lost..
Ok I have been pvping back since wrath and still have yet to get a good 3v3 team/2v2 team idk if its me or them im sorta lost.. If im doing somthing wrong spec/gems/chants please let me now.
3 Holy Power for TV always. With Inquisition I generally use it at the start of a fight, refreshing whenever something isn't going to die anytime soon, & if I'm unfocused at range or have excess Hand of Light proc's (Only if there's no one around in need of WoG).

In random battlegrounds I wouldn't exclusively save my holy power for WoG on others. It's all situational really. Is there a dedicated healer present? Are they CC'd? Is the person you're healing undergeared & likely to be 2 shot? :P etc.

Thanks for the reply!!

I've started saving my Holy Power for TV whenever possible, I've just found that it just seems like there are so few ways for me to kill people. CS, Judgment, CS, Judgment... Templar's Verdict? Maybe RNG just hates me but it seems like most fights involve me mashing those two abilities until I get a lucky proc. It almost feels like Burning Crusade again.

It's going to take some time to adjust to Cataclysm PvP since I haven't done much since Burning Crusade. I'm running around like a headless chicken right now and I want to get better. I do have a few more questions if someone wouldn't mind answering them!

How useful is my Guardian in PvP? The only times I've used him so far is when I've accidentally hit his hotkey, but should I be bringing him out for assistance more often?

Is Holy Wrath any good? Should I add it to my attack rotation, or is the damage too low to warrant the mana cost?

Should I always pop Wings and Zealotry at the same time, or separately? Also, should I make sure Inquisition is up before hitting my Exorcism proc?

When I bubble to heal, which heal would be best for healing up fast?

Most of the rest of the questions I'd ask are going to be answered with experience soon. I'm a huge noob these days. I briefly played once Cataclysm released and now I've got to re-learn almost the entire game. Any answers or tips anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

-Tyrannath, Retnoob main since August 2007
No Problem ^_^.

GoAK: GoAK (Guardian), is best used shortly before your Wings+Zealotry+Trinket burst to generate those extra stacks of Str.

Holy Wrath: I've always used Holy Wrath, it's a damage filler/stealth breaker. It does break CC though, so be careful.

Wings/Zealotry: In an IDEAL situation, this is how I set up my burst:

3 Holy Power -> Inquisition -> GoAK -> 3 Holy Power -> This Macro:

/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Zealotry
/cast Templar's Verdict
/use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Victory

This provides the maximum burst you are able to output.

Note that this is just a reference, it isn't the Ironclad rule of PvP Ret Burst & not to be blindly followed like a religious zealot (pun intended). (It is for PvE however :P [Unconfirmed 4.2]).

You obviously wouldn't pop Zealotry if you're being kited. Pop wings & throw out hammers as you close the distance :P.

Exo Proc: As an example, you could be kited at range with 1 HoPo & Exo Proc. Use Inq then Exo.

But for now, just use Exo Proc's as they come (Lower priority than CS, TV & Divine Purpose Procs).

Bubble Healing: Flash of Light, but it will heavily drain your mana. I wouldn't cast more than twice. Flash of Light + Divine Light if there's no priest/warrior.

As Vanguardy said, 'Everything is situational'. I could post a whole list of possible scenario's.. But I'd prefer to not crit the forum with a giant wall of text. Most of this you'll learn in time anyway.

Thanks for the great reply once again! I've put these tips into practice and it's already paid dividends in random BGs... I haven't died to a player in 5 games ( only Van twice in AV). I'll either outlast my opponent or manage to survive long enough for someone to come and back me up, at which time I'd heal up and tag team his face into the ground. It's great!

I don't play that much though so it'll take a while before I'll be geared enough to truly compete. I've bought a couple pieces of PvP gear so far but since I only play <5 BGs a day it's going to take a while. Still, this is the most fun I've had PvPing since the days when the level 29 twins bracket was fun. Doubt I'll be getting into arenas any time soon though.

Side note, I have two pieces of my PvP set which is supposed to give me +400 resilience, but I don't think I see the increase on my character page? I might be counting it wrong.
Iv'e been using the 20stren 20haste ember topaz gems... mostly for more crusador strike for more holy power and more holy power=win... am im doing this wrong and should I gem somthin diffrent such as "mastery" and "strengh" or just "strengh" to be able to hit as hard as possible... and even tho i use haste wich may seem bad... I havnt been losing and im still exceednly well... is that skill... or is that the benifit from the haste??
Yes I agree of what you have to say cas thats generally what I do... besides getting guardian up sum stacks wich ive been thinking bout doing but also thro in the helplesshealer buff from wog if u can... is there a way to make a macro to heal a freindly target with Wog that way i dnt have to switch targets to get the buff??
@ Galivath

Recommended Gems:
Meta - Strength / +3% Crit Dmg or REFLECT META (If you like RNG!)
Red - 40 Strength
Yellow - 20 Strength / 20 Resil or 20 Strength / 20 Mastery
Blue - 40 Strength or 20 Strength / 20 Hit (Depends on Socket bonus!)

20 Strength / 20 Crit is another option for yellow.

Sanctity of Battle is quite worthless in PvP. Our gear has little to no haste & you would be gimping yourself out of far superior stats if you reforged/gem'd it. Not to mention that for every moment you're out of range for CS, the talent is effectively wasted.

The Selfless Healer buff isn't designed to be used to boost your overall damage output. It's to help offset the impact of sacrificing a TV.

I suggest thoroughly reading through all of Vanguardy's Guide back on Page 1. It should answer most of your questions :).
Haven't played the pally much since Wrath and maybe I am missing something, but I'm not seeing Seal of Light. Mind clarifying?
I think Seal of Light and Wisdom were merged together into Seal of Insight.
i really feel this class is boring. NOT Underpowered. just not much buttonpushing. i realize we r a hybrid and supportive class but it feels like our damage spells r slim and uninteresting. i have much appreciation and respect for this thread so i ask the creator: how do u feel on our rotation as ret in pvp as far as a fun factor? sound kind of gay when i put it that way XD. oh well.
Is there any way to get a rough attack rotation? i know in pvp its very situation based but anything would help.
09/19/2011 05:49 PMPosted by Foreveryung
Is there any way to get a rough attack rotation? i know in pvp its very situation based but anything would help.

You're kidding, right? It has been posted in this thread. There are a million YouTube videos on it. Don't be helpless.
What is the best 2v2 combo for a ret pally?
Hey guys check out my new youtube channel dedicated to Ret pvp.. I will have a new video up every week. Channel is brand new.. Thank you
I saw some people ask this, but I never saw an answer. Can anyone give me a strategy against rogues and warlocks?
I'm sitting at almost 10% haste...

Is this bad?

Following wow-insiders articles about classes, mainly Pally, and mainly Ret (since that is of course my prime class/spec), has helped me get a lot of things right when it comes to how to gear, what stats to go for, rotation, pretty much everything really. As far as haste its pretty much worthless for us, at least as Ret's in Cata. I've never needed it all at, the biggest stat to go for, like Vanguardy said, is primarily Strength, it's our first priority. Mastery is second priority with Crit being a viable third, in PvP you want resilience gear, especially as Ret because were a two-hander spec. Resil you can get from pvp gear just fine, what we want to focus on is our strength, strength means killing faster, wich in the long run means better pvp gear in better time, and since we do have self healing we dont have to sweat about the gear on our way to it.
10/13/2011 03:31 PMPosted by Towelliee
I saw some people ask this, but I never saw an answer. Can anyone give me a strategy against rogues and warlocks?

Facing down Rogues and Locks? GTFO is my first reaction lol....
Getting feared is the biggest thing I personally have had to deal with as far as Locks go, but admittedly I have not faced many Locks. As human i don't worry to much about fears because of our racial, but if your going pvp and you're not human or forsaken you'll want to have a trinket that gives you an escape anyways.
It would seem to me that the biggest problem (again haven't fought many so if someone wants to correct me then by all means) would be dealing with their pet and getting in range. It may be possible and viable to cc the pet with Repentance/TurnEvil or even Hammer-Of-Wrath, but I've never had the opportunity to try it. if you've delt with the pet and your in range just nuke the bugger, but be ready to react to any cc on their part. Again I havnt fought them alot so if anyone has a correction or better advice bout Locks feel free...

As far as Rogues go I'm tempted to revert to my first reaction, when that bugger saps you out of no-were and then starts tryin to bash your helmet in (with your skull conveniently still inside) the first thing you have to worry about is 'am I getting out of this stun-lock before I'm toast', we have self healz and we have Hammer of Wrath, so if your toon wakes up before ur helmet is tuna the first thing Ive always done is try to stun the rogue himself, unless I really need to drop a word of glory to stay alive.
The biggest thing about fighting a rogue is that even if u can Hammer him and then nuke him, they can always fade and run-away-to-sap-another-day if you don't kill him in time. Both these situations are assuming one-on-one fights, but if your in a group your better off period. My final advice about rogues? Stun and nuke the bugger as soon as you can, and remember to keep an itchy finger on your self healz, getting hit in the back of the head hurts, even with that 20 pound plate bank vault your wearing on top of your skull.
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