Vanguards Retribution Paladin PvP Guide 7.3

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A wild Vanguardy appears!

I'm using a very good PVE weapon and 2pc T13 for PVP/arena right now. I will be running ret/DK/rshaman again this season for the minimum 2200 which shouldn't be a problem.

With this comp and gear setup, would you still recommend crit?

Since the patch I went full mastery figuring it would augment my TVs on top of the sustained damage buffs we received, which seems to work well with the extra HP regen from 2pc T13. I definitely hit harder but at the same time it's so crippling when WoG doesn't crit with Last Word. Then of course there's the issue of how well I can stay on my target.
Hi I was wondering just how well tier13 2 piece works with pvp ret atm, what 2 pieces should i use?
Hello everyone, here's some basic answers to the questions asked:

1.) 2PC PvE is amazing for PvP =) get it if u can. lots of comps will do well with it (not all though)

2.) The best 2PC is Legs for sure, and either Helm/Chest/or Shoulders.
Just got my T13 2P and was wondering what is our new prioritization with it?
pallys shouldnt be able to get their wings dispelled is my issues maybe just stolen by mages but dispelling them is to much.
I can't see the talent trees.
My current setup is haste-focused with 2pT13, head and gloves. My CS cd goes down to 3.7 with JotP up, self-buffed. Let me tell you that damage has become amazing and that my rotation is pretty much CS+filler+CS at just about all times. Granted, Judgement being on an 8sec cd hurts a little, but as long as it generates a HoPo, it doesn't matter. The time it takes for me to get a full 3 HoPo has been cut in half since I went this route, meaning when it counts, I can pop my cd's when I need to, no waiting necessary.
1.) 2PC PvE is amazing for PvP =) get it if u can. lots of comps will do well with it (not all though)

Hi Vanguards,

First, Great guide! I love watching you play and have learned a ton from it. Thanks for all of your time, effort, and skill, and for putting stuff like this together and maintaining it!

Can you give some examples/scenarios where pure PVP gear will be better for certain comps than the Tier 13 2 piece?

Currently I'm just starting out in the pvp world I'm gearing up rather fast and I have to say I've been using my t13 2 piece and gurthalak and they have both been extremely helpful, would you recommend keeping them even for high rated competition or should I get full set? One of the suggestions shown on your guide said some are running 3k resi. I'm going to replace everything else though I just found that those particular uses with judgement giving me holy power and the tentacles doing an unresistable range attack very awesome.
vanguards, when you run dk ret, do you spend most of your holy power woging your partner or most on damage. how do you play? more defensive or offensive
I wouldn't mind those Backbreaker Spaulders for PvP. Those seem amazing! As well as the Bone-link Fetish.
Hey Vanguards, first of all ur the reason y i didnt giv up on ret pvp even tho im just a casusal pvper.

Anyways T13 2p bonus is awesome! It was the first thing i went for since the release of 4.3!
its so much easier to get HoPo spcly against kiters.

Only downside i noticed was the waste of 1 HoPo during Zealotry and an occasional bug when it doesnt add a holy power with Pursuit of Justice. e.g when u judge and get stunned immediately

Otherwise the more TVs u pump in ur opponent makes up fr th res loss :)
so ur saying for 2's with a dk i want to go all crit instead of mastery
Ret PVP Bonus is a joke compared to Ret 2 piece. 1 second off judgement, which is a garbage attack anyway, and 90 strength. Get your raid bonus asap, and use it. I can't even put my PVP gear back on at this point, the utility of raid gear is so ridiculous. Generating Holy Power at that rate, what can anyone do, really?

I would recommend crit over mastery for all paladins at this point, as Last Word is ten times as useful as 20 seconds off HOJ. With Ret 2 piece, you are basically guaranteed a full 3 charge WOG every time it's on CD, and mastery is only going to affect the damage you're dealing, whereas crit will assist with healing and your damage.

My question is, has anyone experimented with going 2 points into Eternal Glory instead of Seals of the Pure? Seems like free TVs that are going off with a mini-wings(12% dmg buff that you just cast before getting all 3 HP back) could be pretty untouchable damage. EDIT: I don't think I've ever specced out of Seals of the Pure before, and the DPS loss is far too great, even with selfless healer up a lot of the time.

Also, @ Sachit

I have noticed that seemingly wasted HP during zealotry. The way I've been doing it is using my judgement between CS to maintain a 1 charge inquisition while using every zealotry CS to blow nonstop TVs (hopefully :P)
Nice guide.
So I'm just getting back to the game after about a 3 month hiatus. My basic attack order is:
Build 3 Holy power, Zealotry, Inquisition, CS, TV, Judge, CS, TV so on. I'm finding since getting back though that I'm really squishy. When is a good time to pop a Divine shield of Divine protection or is there any other way to take less damage and last longer?

I still am unable to see the talent trees. :(

What do I do?
I still am unable to see the talent trees. :(

What do I do?

problem solved

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