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Are there any intentions in the current expansion "to-do" list to add a new Mount achievement for 125 or 150 mounts as you did with the 100 pets and 125 pets achievement? If so, what type of mounts are we looking forward to being released in the upcoming content beyond the new Firehawk mounts?
What was the thinking around having fish-in-pools which cook into 90/90 stat foods provide only secondary stats, with the exception of Agility, rather than a more broad-spectrum array of best-in-slot 90/90 primary stat buffs?
Will the Path of Titans or something like it ever be considered again. It seemed like a cool concept.
Is there anything in the works for Blood DK's? Perhaps a bit of a talent tree re-working or a change in their mastery?
I was wondering what exactly is going on with the Warcraft movie?
Do you believe that retribution will bring enough offensive utility to justify a position on an arena team now that healing has been nerfed as much as it has? With how buffs have been evened out, retribution buffs are much less potent than they were and most can also be done by holy paladins, so is our damage supposed to be our sole purpose? Will you consider how it can also help in PvE as well?
Is the Dev team doing anything to remove botters from BG's?
I was wondering (on a scale of 1 to 100) how annoying are rants about changes yall make vs. constructive criticism? To me a person who just yells about something is just annoying and i tend to ignore them.
Are there any plans to reduce or modify the "That's a lot of bait!" fishing achievement, considering that the fish required for most +90/+90 food buffs can't even be caught in pools?
Now that mobility has taken a hit, are CC and escapes being looked at, in pvp, or is the current state of the game intended?
Arena Skirmishes... I know myself and a lot of other people around the world would like a general explanation for their removal from the game and if they will ever be put back into the game. They were an extremely useful tool in trying out new add-ons or to see how a new comp would work. War games are much more inefficient and do not appear to be as reliable. I'm Just curious to know If they will be implemented back into the game at some point?
Do you feel that the original vision of making dispels a "choice" has been accomplished with Cataclysm?
How do you balance the needs/wants of people on the cutting edge of progresion and people who are behind the content curve?
any chance of moonkin nerf damage(starsurge), control(cyclone, instant roots) and heals (life bloom) be compensated in the ability to survive in pvp?

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