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Speaking from the perspective of a 2500 exp rated pvper. What is the current design intention & direction of the Feral Druid, What consideration is being taken into account for this intention & direction, Was the Shape-shifting nerf a total regret in Blizzards perspective after being implemented in game, or was it a necessary stepping stone in the sake of balance OR homogenization?

This is all.
Any plans to look at/change the rogue poison in quality of life area's beyond the changes made in 4.0.1?

ex. Removing Reagent? Removing 1 hour duration?
I love the duration change to Divine Plea, but as a Holy Paladin I hate to use it during a heroic raid attempt. There is rarely if ever a time when Mortal Striking my own healing seems to be a good choice in heroic raiding due to the amount of damage constantly being thrown around by bosses.

So, my question is, would there be any chance of seeing Divine Plea penalty altered, removed, toned down? Why are Holy Paladins the only healer class that has an ability to actually reduce the amount of healing their spells do?
Are there any plans to make archaeology involve more excavation and less travel? Or at least to ease the travel times across kalimdor and eastern kingdoms?
Are there any plans on updating character casting animations say different animation for different spells and possible attack animations aswell?
Also, is there any plans on making it more noticeable when you you catch a fish when fishing, rather then just a (really low)sound and bobble dipping?

Adding to this, for casters is there any possibility of making casting animations involve the equipped weapons. Like aiming a staff forwards when casting a single target spell, or straight up when casting an AoE.
Will you be making any changes (or additions) to the tanking classes in upcoming patches considering the shortage there seems to be currently in the availability of tanks for Cata heroics?
Can arcane magi look forward to any changes in the future?
With the new "bring the player, not the class" philosophy resulting in what a lot of players consider "homogenization", how far do you want to take this approach?

A better way to phrase this may be: how much homogenization is enough to accomplish your design goals, and how much is too much to dull the game down from 10 classes into only 3 roles?
Are there plans to update some of the older, original races. I made a Night Elf last night and I started looking at the differences and the old races look like they need an overhaul even if slightly.
Anything being done to revamp fishing? (example) fishing boat, chance to catch more fish at max fishing, max fishing lvl makes you cast in the pool.
PvP Weapons; Is there an intention to make them drastically different from PvE weapons such that they are much better for PvP than any PvE option while also ensureing that noone wants them for use in PvE?

An example of something I would suggest is for epic PvP weapons to have only blue level dps and stats, while conpensating with epic on-hit effects that only proc when hitting PvP targets.
Regarding Lay on Hands causing forbearance when cast on someone else... Why? Is this something that can be handled separately for PvP purposes?

This is primarily an issue with holy paladin's casting on a prot paladin, but can come up in any situation with attempting to use paladin raid cooldowns to full effect.

Raid wipe caused by casting Lay on Hands on a tank because healers get behind, and now the tank can't be Hand of Protection'd to clear Mortal Strike stacks on Halfus.
Why did you change the DK talents and skills to make Blood spec the primary tanking spec when there was nothing wrong with Frost spec being the primary tanking spec and Frost made more sense than Blood as a tank spec?
Will world PvP be happening again?

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