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Balance Druids and pvp. The spec is showing value in rated BGs as we all had hoped, but to a strong degree Balance Druids are still struggling in arena. Many including myself believe this problem is in part related to losing access to instant cast Roots. Instant Roots helped create breathing room for casting in a way no other ability Druids have can. Could we ever hope to see Balance Druids a bit stronger with their CC tools (meaning finding a way to bring instant cast Roots back to the spec) or something similar? Thanks.
Hello there, any plans to fix the Hunter pet bug where they appear (after you call, unmount, resurrect, use heart of the phoenix, etc) with around 8k health and stay with that health for a few seconds and during that period there is a great chance it will get one-shot?
Are there any plans to make Ferocious Bite viable to use in a rotation other than below 25%?
Will the elemental spec be looked at in terms of pvp viability?
Before the release of Cata, it was stated that you wanted to take melee away from being auto attack classes. How does this fit with your current plan in buffing precision to increase auto attack damage by 40%?
WOTLK was a terrific expansion. The worst part, however, was the constant roller coaster of buffs and nerfs. It seems that problem has continued into Cataclysm. How do the developers feel about the effect that buffing/nerfing/removing core class abilities has on the playerbase?
What is the Development Team's opinion on the current difficulty of heroic level raids? Is the borderline-twitch-gaming style where missing one GCD can result in a wipe the type of heroic difficulty we can expect to see as time goes on with the game?
What are your design intentions for moonkin pvp? Meaning how do you as devs see them being competitive in the current pvp scenario.
I think a lot of people would like to see some more options for inventory storage are there plans for any of the following?

- More bank slots
- Equipment manger using character sheet paper dolls to store equipment sets rather than storing them in your bag
- a way to upgrade you backpack to a larger bag
- a toy box/way to learn costume/cosmetic/toy items similar to how vanity pets now work
- way to "learn" or store tabards more effeciently
What is your favorite escape/distraction when you arent working on WoW?
Is it really so difficult to have two combat rule sets? One for PvE and one for PvP. PvE people are really tired of getting nurfed for PvP reasons and vice versa. It would make balance so much easier if there were two rule sets.
Is there any word of Destruction Warlock changes; lack of any real burst, immolate dispell spam, crit being a usefull stat once again (for those of us who preffer not to use imp-cookie-cutter spec [mainly reffering to pvp, but stil sucks being pigeon holed into certain pets]).
I stack crit, and am sittin at ~17% chance. My mage friend avoids crit like the plague, his crit rating is almost half of mine. His crit chance is ~25% chance. At least a why, as to the discrepency for such a large margin would be great. I want to crit again.
Is there any chance of Alteric Valley being made into a non rush bg? Bringing back the npc armys to have it be a huge battle instead of ignore the other faction and overpower the end guy in the bunker.
Or a better way to ask.

Alterac Valley was once a huge epic battle. Now it has become a very high paced game; so fast the two armies barely fight each other. What plans, if any does Blizzard have to bring this epic feel back
Were hero classes considered a failed experiment, or are there plans for more?
Do you have any plans to tone down low-level damage and healing again to not only help low-level pvp but put some actual effort in pve leveling too? Currently leveling pve is complete faceroll then you hit 80 cata dungeons and are expected to know how to play quite well...

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