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I would like to ask about the design behind the warlock T11 4-piece bonus mechanic.

In its current form its benefit may not be high enough for many warlocks to opt for the 4 piece bonus, even though it has been changed in 4.0.6. Are there plans to make acquiring the 4 piece set bonus more appealing to make more warlocks pick up the set bonus?
Why do you hate Shamans?
Haha I kid! Real question is: Why is there a need to have PvE balanced around PvP? Every time something changes it's good for one and not the other, so more changes have to be made.
One of the things I looked forward most for Cataclysm was the idea that achievments would be account based rather than character based. I have a druid with nearly 11,000 achievment points. However, my main is now a priest with 2500 :( Is there still a plan to make acheivments show for all characters on an account?
While the new soul shard mechanics is a far improved over the previous one. My question is are you, the developers, happy with the way it turned and do you have any plans to improve upon it?
Real ID: Are there any plans of implementing an invisible mode, like most other chat clients?
Will Elemental be getting some help in PvP?
Will we be finally getting anything close to the Appearance Tab / Tabard Closet system put into place? If so, what patch is this expected to be implemented?
It has been well over two years since Blizzard released Wrath of the Lich King, and one of the so-called "promised ponies" was the Dance Studio. There is no Dance Studio.

So, question- Where is the Dance Studio?
Is there any way you plan on making Guild Rep easier for people that PVP or don't like to do dailies?
Why do we have the same old battlegrounds expansion after expansion with only a couple added on while pvers get entire new sets of dungeons each expansion?
How do you define "balance", both in PvE and PvP?
Is there a fix for ignite munching coming in the foreseen future; or maybe even a removal of it[ignite] all together?
Demonic Circle is a clunky spell that appears like a not so well thought out blink. The soul swap glyph for many seems to be the direct cause for our lack of single target dps. Dots are to easly removed at will with no penalty, and there dosen't seem to be a clear choice of pets for pve vs pvp. Is there any plans to fix these concerns, or can you clarify what your plans are for the class?
Is there any plan to give retribution a real snare? every single other melee dps spec have one. and retribution should be treated equally as other melee's. im asking this because with a loss of off-healing retribution is going to be lacking of utility compared with others melee's in a group pvp scenario.

seal of justice isn't a snare and cant be used in any real pvp scenario without a massive dps loss, other melee's specc's don't have to sacrifice any thing, or sometimes a gcd to apply it (warriors).
Since the vendors aboard the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth will not be updated with level 85 food, reagents etc, I think it's time for an update/replacement.

Can we expect a Cataclysm vendor mount in patch 4.1 or patch 4.2? I'm willing to pay 50.000 gold for an exclusive flagship. ^^
03/07/2011 9:32 AMPosted by Nunk
Is it really so difficult to have two combat rule sets? One for PvE and one for PvP. PvE people are really tired of getting nurfed for PvP reasons and vice versa. It would make balance so much easier if there were two rule sets.

^ This

Wouldn't it be easier in the long run to make skills do different things when used against players vs against monsters? You could also, I would think, adapt this system to finally getting rid of resilience/pvp gear which you guys pretty much have to alter or change every content patch anyways for one reason or another... Resilience especially has undergone... how many changes?
With content like the goblin and worgen starting areas viewed only by the respective races, is there any plans to re-add class based quests to the game? (The warlock mount chain was by far my most memorable experience in wow)

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