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Cataclysm was supposed to be about choice and making all specs viable for raiding, yet we're still stuck in the Wrath paradigm of certain specs trumping others. Is there a reason the development team can't adjust the coefficients of every DPS spec's abilties so that given the same circumstances (e.g. full raid buffs on a single target encounter with no movement and equivalent gear), every DPS spec can put up the same numbers?
With current healer design we're often kept busy healing. Some specs though use dps abilities frequently due to mana regen perks. Do you have plans on doing something similar with druids since Fury of Stormrage is pretty much unused in current PVE content?
Are you happy with the current (including 4.1) state of warriors? I don't mean balance wise, I mean how they play, which gear is desirable, talent specs, spell priority etc. I ask because sometimes it feels like you're unsure which direction you'd like warriors to go, each patch seems to bring changes to gear choices, order of spell priority and so on.

Also, this is a great idea, hope to see Q&A posts continue.
The purpose of "Counterattack" talent that still exists since Deterrence not long make your parry chance to 100%?
It is a minor question but still would help for various achievements:

Will the Burning Crusade zones that are in Azeroth (Bloodmist/Azuremist Isles, Eversong Woods/Ghost Lands, Isle of Quel'Danas (sp?)) allow flying mounts anytime soon, as well as allowing dropping the fatigue effect when flying to Azuremist, Bloodmist, Teldrassil, and Isle of Quel'Danas??
Are there any plans in the future for there being another mount giving achievement award for having a higher number of mounts than 100? Possibly as in 125?
What are the specific concerns the Dev's have, so much so that it seems we can't even get it PTR tested just to see, in regards to baseline shadowstep to address the mobility issues that Rogues face, and do they feel that using this sole ability to define the sub spec to the degree that it is propping it up and holding the other specs back is justifiable?
Could we possibly get an instanced 'Room of Requirement' for theory crafting? Complete with training dummies and the ability to toy with stats (preferably through stacking buffs).

Obviously none of the buffs would exist outside the instance.
Are there any plans to increase the number of characters available per realm?
Raiding Question:

Are you happy with the current 10 / 25 raid design (sharing lock outs / dropping same loot) or did you run into any unforeseen consequences that need tweaking in patch 4.2? Unforeseen consequences such as a drop in 25 man raid participation being an example (not saying this is true I'm just curious).
Shaman AOE
Any chance EQ could get changed to a earth totem that would work like starfall but instead shoot earth spikes up from the ground. So no targeting, with the same CD as starfall?
How does Blizzard feel about the state of Balance Druids in pvp and is anything being done to the spec for pvp?
Now I have been playing since about two weeks after launch, and I am more the satisfied with cata. Now my question is more of a when can we gr updated lock demon models. Also can we ever expect to see something simple like armor recoloring, or new racials for the older races?
It feels like your vision of Cataclysm healing was one where people relied on single-target direct heals for raid healing as opposed to HoT/bubble spam much more than they currently do. Is this correct, and if so, do you want to try and steer things back to that vision next expansion or even in a future patch?

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