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Are there any plans to implement a system for the storage of tabards other than in our bags? (Thinking like a drop down menu similar to the titles drop down we have.)
When is RealID going to be a true feature for WoW, meaning I'd be able to invite people from other realms, and not just having to play with random people in dungeons?
Any world events that will require Alliance and Horde to work together (like the AQ40 opening)? I was not playing at that time and would like an opportunity to be a part of a world event.
Why was the decision made to further / conclude the Worgen opening storyline in a Horde zone only? I would have loved to experience the continued battles with the Forsaken, and all of the stuff with Crowley, from a Worgen point of view as well. The plot could have been the same, just able to be experienced from both sides.
I like that we're revisiting old areas in cata to see how the story has evolved. Can we expect to visit portions of Outland and Northrend this expansion?
Will disengage ever work properly uphill?
Do you have any plans that you can share related to further balancing lopsided faction populations, especially on pvp servers?
Blizzard has put out a large amount of great content for the PvE player base. My question: What are your future plans for the PvP community? What changes, revamps, and new content are going to be implemented?

Thank you in advance
What fixes are being implemented to solve the Charge Jumping bug and will they be implemented in time for 4.1?
Why was the damage output for Unholy DK's so quickly hotfixed? The initial (4.0.6) changes made sense but the hotfix was confusing because the changes were not even on live realms for 24 hours to even provide a decent sample set.
Is Spiritwalker's Grace going to be modified to increase it's usefulness in PvE?
Living Bomb will be analyzed? Or will stay beeing a "generic fire dot with a ornament explosion"
Sick and tired of RNG in regard to archeology, are there any plans to delve deeper into this secondary profession?

Explorer's League Guild House, requires reputation, certain amount of excavated artifacts to use as currency for Guild only rewards.

More stuff to excavate.

Improved change of getting a rare spin the more artifacts one excavate.

More useful low level artifacts, BoA items that have a level range and improves as one gains level.

Make all pets BoE, enough of selfish archeologist that greedily keeps stuff to themselves ... or at the very least make all things excavated be BoA or BoA/soul bound once used.
Are there any plans to reduce the RNG of certain specs such as Fire in regards to HS procs?

Do you have the intention of (someday) adding more hero classes, like the Death Knight, or have you abandoned that idea?

What is the direction of hunter PVP?
in other words, are you comfortable with hunter PVP as is?

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