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Is there any chance of 15 v 15 being brought back to the Rated BG rotation? A lot of us really miss AB and EoTS.
Are there any plans on reworking shaman totems? It seems that almost all of the buffs offered by shaman totems is available from another class in all of the raids I have been in. In our 25 man raids Healing Stream Totem is the only one that i drop consistently. As a "support class" it would be nice if all of our totem supported something even it is just augmenting an existing buff.
Will the Developers ever bring back the pvp queue system where we can see the games and join as we choose?
Allowing us to come on and join our friends or see what bg is popular or has people playing, i feel this could allow us some freedom then playing roulette with the new system.
With how weak Living Seed is, Why must we be forced to pick up this talent in order to get Efflorescence? This talent has been discussed at length multiple times on the healing forums with the conclusion being that living seed isn't worth the points it cost.
Im noticing as a raiding Retribution paladin that threat is a serious issue for me. I get up to 35k sometimes 45k threat per second where the tanks are doing 20-30k tps. Having salvation on a 2 minute cooldown to lower threat by 2% a second on 10 second duration just doesnt seem to be enough. Are there any plans to help us hard hitting ret pallys manage our threat a little better? When i just stop dpsing all together to let the tank build threat i notice i greatly fall behind the hunters and mages who have feign and invis.
What is your opinion on the current survivability/ ability to perform of Moonkins in pvp?
with 2+ second cast times and no dispel protection on our dots while having no major defensive cool downs as well it seems moonkins cant get much worse in pvp. All the while having the worst mastery possible for pvp as it is nearly impossible to get into an eclipse state.
not to mention our 4 piece set bonus requires us to take CRITICAL damage to work
With the nerf to Colossus Smash and losing six points of base mastery, is 40% extra damage to white hits really enough to compensate?
Are you ever going to bring back class-specific quest lines? Perhaps like something for a unique weapon for each class or something like that, I thought it was a cool idea in vanilla but I was sad when you guys took those out.
What is the plan with ele shamman? besides kicking them in the junk every other hot fix with no real help. (aoe bonus damage =/= help).
Do you feel classes are really where they should be. Also individual specs? It seems as it is now most specs in classes are either the best PvP spec the best PvE spec or just meh inbetween.
Is there any possible way that a language button could be added to the dungeon finder? Mainly so i only get people who I can actually explain the fights to if its needed.
Are you ever going to nerf the ridiculously annoying sounds such as:

Worgen sniff snarl.
Hunter pet tiger yawn with licking noise.
Water elemental dripping sound.

A player shouldn't feel obligated to mod their sound files to not be annoyed.
Can you give us any update as to whether heirlooms will ever be tied to B-Net accounts so that we may use them on a different server via Account Management OR receive a sell back option (for reduced price) so that they don't sit unused after a character has reached max level?

There's only so many types of characters that can use an heirloom and while they are cheap to buy, tend to just sit there collecting dust after they're used.
Just what do you have planned for old ironforge? Will it be a purely ascetic area, or is there something greater in the works?
Any chance to fix the Oasis Bracers as the only pve drop item option for healer druids, like adding more wrists or make it drop from any boss (with better %) instead of a trash mobs?
Is there a chance that fossil archaeology dig sites will receive any updating?

As it stands currently, you will typically have the pet and the mount long before you hit 525 skill, and then there are really no reasons to dig fossil sites (other than to get them out of the way and hopefully spawn desirable dig sites).
Is there anything planned to make reforging a full gearset en masse easier? i.e. when I respec between Combat and Assassination, wear almost all the same gear, but every single piece needs to be reforged differently. This means that it costs me roughly 300 gold to respec, but even beyond that (very minor) inconvenience, is the problem of needing to manually reforge Every. Single. Item.

How feasible is it to save 'reforging templates', either tied to the dual spec system, or simply as a saved setting at the reforging NPC?

Yes, there are addons for this at this point, but because of the fundamental clunkiness of the reforging system itself, these addons are also exceedingly sluggish and ungainly, in their own right.
In the beginning of the expansion you said that a player should not completely disregard one stat and that every stat should have equal value. The holy paladin mastery is the most neglected stat for holy paladins, any raiding paladin will always reforge out of it or ignore it. All the other classes benefit from their mastery much more than we do.

My question is, will the holy paladin mastery be changed to be on par with the other masteries? Can we maybe see some love like the resto shammies did for their mastery? =)

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