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In arena season 10 will Ret paladins be able to purchase boots and belt that will match the look of the their gear. Currently in season 9 there isn't ret pvp gear for the boot and belt gear slot that match the theme of the gear and it is quite disappointing.
Will Unholy Deathknights be seeing any improvements to help them be more competitive on single target boss fights?
Account shared: Achievements/Pets/Mounts

Completely stopped caring about them. I like playing new toons every now and then to keep me from becoming to bored with the game. Yet achievements, pets and mounts are player based, and that restriction keeps me from even wanting to work on either.
Is there any chance you could provide any information on the Caverns of Time: War of the Ancients raid that was announced last June - if it is to be included in 4.2 with Firelands or with a later tier, etc?

Will it be possible to raid as affliction or demonology and still have comparable DPS to destruction?
Can we have a list of which Video performance settings impact what parts of a computer?

Particle Density is CPU
Projected textures use... CPU? GPU?

Some seem like they should be GPU, but end up being CPU, makes it harder to know which settings are impacting/hitting a bottleneck
Is there any plan to adjust shaman totems buffs to 30 mins to match other class buffs, and are the totems ever going to be replced with something more useful that we dont have to drop every 40 feet?

Is the CD on shaman hex ever going to be lowered to match that of the mages?

As we make transitions from raid tier to raid tier, will the basic versions of the old head and shoulder tier pieces still require the tokens dropped from their respective bosses or are there plans to make them available through Justice Points for the sake of keeping the player base geared and newer content accessible?
The introduction of phasing to the game has brought about several challenges to players located in different phases of the terrain. The one that seems to have the largest voice is that dealing with Herbalism/Mining nodes across the new Cataclysm zones (Twilight Highlands nodes come to mind).

What are the current plans to help alleviate the "fading node" problems for gatherers?
In the new Looking for Guild feature coming in a future patch, you guys use the terms casual, moderate, and hardcore. These terms seem highly debated through the years, so I have to ask: What is your definitions of these terms?
What is your vision of world PVP in the future?
I would like to know if you all are truly happy with the frost design for both 2h and dw dps specs?
My main question regards the mastery and "Frost" strike that isn't very frosty. Have you ever considered making it less physical baseline and more magical upfront? It would make our filler/ rp dump much more attractive like death coil is for unholy. Since they get pure gains for every ability from mastery minus auto atk/festering strike and SS physical of course.

Also why why why was an aoe spell integrated into our single target rotation? Why would you not swap place holders with icy touch damage wise. It would just make sense no need for aoe nerfing. Make our "frost" attacks actually fun and threatening. Also the design of the our presences seems off. I mean unholy switches to frost pres to do hard aoe since DnD does not scale with haste. The minor changes coming seems nice and all but the overall design of the specs say very little time went into frost dks design while unholy and blood got all the attention.
Since there is no ArP anymore and regardless of our mastery and rotations its safe to say at least 85% of our damage is physical AT LEAST and the frost portion of FS is a joke. Look at all the damage dealing classes that are wrecking meters. They are heavily magical based and or can bypass armor. I am not asking to make us ZOMG LEETZOR just simply take a look at what we are working with and truly consider if we are FROST death knights.
Are there any plans to help destruction or any other dispel vulnerable class/spec in PvP?
Why do you still advertise for Warcraft Magazine(Launcher, website, ETC)?

When it's clear that the publisher hasn't been keeping up with their end of the deal. Three to four month's behind on Issues. When those that arrive are pretty much out of date. With current content. Also no hint of #4 even in the making. Like they have with previous issues.
Will we see further changes to Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdons maps due to ingame events like Hyjal or just the new areas introduced in Cataclysm as the story progress?
Given that the Holy Paladin mastery is generally eschewed by the majority of the raiding Holy Paladin community, could you shed some light on the basics of the HPal Mastery Design Goals, such as:

1) Why does it not work with roughly half of our healing (i.e. not Beacon, HR and POTI)?
2) Why doesn't it "roll" properly? (corollary: why is it then also the only Healing mastery that doesn't benefit from other secondary stats in that it actively is negatively/neutrally-affected by Haste)
3) Why does the mastery not round out our core healing abilities, adding instead a new shielding mechanic we don't already have?

How do the developers view the healing meters, and what is their role in the minds of the developers as far as healing class balance is concerned?
Is there any point when the glaring graphical issues with worgen are going to be addressed?

I specifically refer to the fact that female worgen's eyes STILL don't glow, and that the male worgen death knights' heads are a desperately different texture from their bodies in human form (so that it looks like they have someone else's head). I suppose I'll let slide the fact that at least with males, the human skin tone has no correlation whatsoever to their worgen fur (pale skin->black fur? Dark skin->white fur? Palest skin-> dark gray fur? Whaaaaat?)
What does Cenarius think about what the orcs are currently doing to Ashenvale?

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