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Okay, this is an...odd question.

But can someone get banned for constantly opening tickets and making up stories for the purpose of making false accusations against other players, simply because the person doing the reporting doesn't like that person?

I ask because my friend does this. A LOT! lol. I don't even know how he sees anyone in trade anymore, because he basically "report spam" almost everyone that he doesn't like.

He also sent Bliz some emails, lying about other players.

So, we had a debate on whether this is against the rules.

In a nutshell, can you get banned for abusing the 'report player' system? Theres NOTHING about this in the ToS, which is why I ask.
Yes, you can get slapped with the banhammer VERY hard for this.
I think that falls under harassment, which is against ToS. They don't have to specifically mention every possible kind of harassment for it to be against the rules.
I report spam on spam. But the important thing to remember is that they SEE the spam. I report it when:

A gold seller is selling gold.

Someone is selling an item, in shout. That is not what shout is for.

Someone is spamming the trade channel with stuff that is both
not trade, as well as being offensive to pretty much anyone.

They can look up every report. So if your friend is tying up their time, sending them emails about false ones, then they will find out.

/report, whatever, works like this. You report spam or something and it captures what the person said. So if he is making reports, where nothing really happened, and then later referring to them in emails with lies they are going to know.

Yes, he will get in trouble for this most likely.


Don't worry though, none of the people mentioned are actually going to get anyone falsely banned or suspended. Blizzard knows that people "false report" constantly.

So Blizzard really needs to see what the person said, or did, in their buffer or witness it first hand.

So in reality, your "friend" and the other guy mentioned are the exact reason that it takes so long to suspend legit people who say naughty things, do horrible things or sell gold constantly for real money; Because of player's like your friend, Blizzard doesn't take anyone's word for it.

Lately, I've seen so many jerks saying horrible things in trade on my server that you COULD get them suspended simply by reporting spam. So its often not "false" reporting.
I report when I see:

A). Spam.
B). Gold selling ads.
C). Offensive/Overly Sexual/Bigoted language
D). Extreme cussing
I feel somewhat obligated to point out that people who say they use Report Spam for:

- Stuff in the wrong channel
- Cussing in any channel
- Anything that isn't spam, gold-selling, or (the sole exception) the [bodypart] spam-game,

is mis-using the feature, and only adding to the misconception that Blizzard doesn't see or care about that function.

If it's not used for the correct purpose, it's unlikely that you'll see any positive benefit from it. Report spam is for exactly that - spam and spam alone. (With the aforementioned exception.)

Using it in place of actual report tickets isn't going to fix anyone's problem.

03/05/2011 4:13 PMPosted by Ynnel
The biggest thing is lying in tickets, yeah. I think he only did it a few times, but he jokes about it a lot, saying he gets players banned. *shrugs*

Not likely. Blizzard has records of everything that happens in the game, and when they get a report they double check what really happened.

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