Wildhammer dwarf names

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Hello fellow roleplayers!

I am about to make a dwarven gryphon rider, but I am having trouble coming up with names to call him! I need a good dwarf name for him. Don't bother pointing me out to any name generator site, I want your own personal opinions. Thanks in advance.
It depends, is he bronzebeard or wildhammer?
03/05/2011 7:13 PMPosted by Willason
It depends, is he bronzebeard or wildhammer?

Wildhammer dwarf names

Anyways, "Storm", "Hammer", so on and so forth are good.


Use this as inspiration. Not a lot, but it should help.
What about, Griff Gryphonwing?

Or Gryph Griffonwing.

Or Gavin Greyfeather.


God I stink.
03/05/2011 8:01 PMPosted by Gilaras
Gavin Greyfeather.
Your third idea is actually very good. Go with that one.
Hmm how 'bout Murkan Stonewing? Or Malak Firewing? Or Magan Darkwing?
Jimi Hendrix
Most i've seen, dwarfs names really dont vary 'that' much between clans. So any dwarf name could work.
really can we get the tatoos to be a wildhammer dwarve every wildhammer dwarve have tattos so i want to make 1 so plz tell me if you can get the tatoos and some wildhammer dwarve names leo hammertotem jo runestorm if we can create wildhammer dwarves i would be a wildhammer shaman
Why did you necro this? Wildhammer are sooooo March. Now I want goblins, night elves, and Dragonmaw orcs!

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