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Hey i was wondering where would you guys recommend leveling at level 65 i have all the expansions so i can go anywhere. I have tried dungeons but they seem boring and im not getting much from them... I did all the quests in hellfire to get me to level 65 but i feel like im stuck and cant get much exp please give me your suggestions!
At 65 you can go to Nagrand, just west of Shattrath. At 66, you can go to Blade's Edge Mountains, and at 67 you can get to Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley. Those are the minimum levels, so if you really like a particular zone, you can get another level or so out of it before you move on. Remember that you can go to Northrend at 68, which not only gives you great gear but also rockets you to 70 in no time.
Thanks Tygraelor. i was looking around on where to level and came across this. :)

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