tank addons

hey guys

ive just started my first tank- pally tank

what kind for tips have you got for keeping aggro and what are the best tank addons i should have

thanks :)
Simply from the addon standpoint there are 3 basic ones that I highly recommend.

Omen-obviously for threat tracking
DBM-once again obvious
Tidy plates-awesome for aoe pulls to show what you have threat on
Tidy plates very good for tracking group aggro. I use an addon called classic threat as well as omen. Classic threat doesnt have all the bells and whistles of omen just shows a simple tanking/gaining/losing and a smaller list of people. I keep that to the left of me omen at the bottom and tidy plates on large groups.
Clique is great for binding your abilities to mouse buttons so that they can be used quickly and easily, like your Righteous Defense, Blessing of Protection, Blessing of Salvation or anything else you'll want to use regularly on your group. It works great in conjunction with Grid as your party/raid frames.

And like others have said: DBM (kinda sucks that all of Blizzard's level cap content pretty much requires a 3rd party mod to complete successfully, but it does...DBM should be required for any grouping), Omen and some nameplate mod with threat coloring.

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