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Here are 8 races that could be the next playable race on wow: Naga, Satyrs, Harpies, Ogre, Furbolgs, Pandaren, Centaur and Murlocs . You most vote for two races whom you think will the next playable race. One of your votes must join the Alliance and the other join the Horde and why this race join this faction.

If you race is not on here you may ask why? sub race does not count and other race did not get much love from me.
Horde: Pandaren.
Alliance: Furbolg.

I hopping on the "We don't need more races" wagon.

Work with what we have, is that so much to ask?
I'm all for "No more for right now, add a bunch of nonplayables to the factions, then Promote them to playable as time passes, based on who's liked the most"
Give us an expansion or two with new class options instead of new race options please. Kthxbye.
Naga for the Horde and Furbolg for the Alliance.
I'd rather have more classes than more races.

More Races: Different looks of doing the same thing.

More Classes: Different ways of doing the same thing.
Those races are terrible and not even logical.
Ogre and Furbolg are the only one I see that are actually plausible.

Better choices:



But yes I would much rather see more classes. And hopefully Blizzard follows their previously established pattern of 2 races, 1 class, 2 races, (1 class hopefully).
Centaur would actually be a good choice for the alliance.
03/06/2011 9:53 AMPosted by Tyinthenus
Centaur would actually be a good choice for the alliance.

Centaur are literally mutant r*tard offspring of Dryads and Earthen, they're unintelligent and extremely secluded and vicious.

Unless you're thinking of Dryad.
Horde: Ogres
Alliance: Furbolgs (only because they're the only race out of those that are likely to help the Alliance.)

I say Ogres for the Horde becuase the Horde already has ogres among it's ranks, albeit a small tribe of them. But hey, the Darkspear tribe was small.
Ogres Ogres Ogres Ogres Ogres Ogres Ogres Ogres

The Alliance could get a Seige Tank as their next race and I wouldn't care as long as Horde gets Ogres I'm happy
They need to develop the current races more, you don't frame the second floor of a building without finishing the first.

Horde : Ogres

Alliance : Furbolg or Arrakoa
really if horde get ogers, alliance should get arakkoa. both are outland races and its been show the birds dispise orcs and are willing to help the alliance.
Horde: Ogre
Alliance: Drakonid

Similar body silhouettes so each faction remains balanced in that regard. Ogres fit with the Horde for obvious reasons. The Alliance races have always had a closer relationship to the dragons than the Horde, and the recent upheaval and devastation of the dragonflights can be the cause for the drakonids to join the Alliance. The drakonids were once mortals who were infused with draconic energy, so it's not like pure dragons are joining a faction.

Ogre Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Mage, Warlock
Drakonid Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Paladin*, Mage, Priest*

*Part of the Drakonid lore could be that the disaffected and scattered dragonkin found redemption and solace in the Light. A stretch, but not unreasonable. Besides the image of a giant hulking draconic beast chanting litanies and hammer-crushing enemies into smoking craters is awesome!

Ogre Mount: Clefthoof
Drakonid Mount: Drakeadon (Chromaggus model)

**Possible Bonus Drakonid Mount: Draconic Flight - The player sprouts wings (with cool animation) and uses them as a flying mount.

Ogre Racials:

Gluttony - The healing effects of food and drink are increased by 25%. So hungry...

Thickheaded - The duration of Incapacitate effects is reduced by 15%.

Forceful Attacks - You put all your weight and might behind your attacks. Your melee and ranged attacks ignore 1% of your target's armor and your spells gain X spell penetration.

Lush - It takes twice as many drinks to get you drunk. Never drink with an ogre!

Brutal Uppercut - You smack your target, knocking them back 10 yards and dealing Y Physical damage (dependent on level). 2 minute cooldown.

Drakonid Racials:
Bonus Language: Draconic

Ancient Knowledge - Your insights into the guarded secrets of the dragonflights has made you an incredibly adept learner. Spells and abilities are available from your trainer one level earlier than they normally would be.

Scaly Hide - You receive a natural armor bonus of Z (dependent on level).

Indomitable - The durations of all Root and Snare effects are reduced by 15%.

Draconic Physiology - Damage against Dragons is increased by 5%.

Heart of Fire - You call upon your draconic energies to unleash a devastating fiery attack on your enemies. This can be done as a powerful single-target ability or a cone area attack. 2 min cooldown (shared).
    Heart of Fire (Single) - Instantly blast your target for X - Y Fire damage (dependent on level).
    Heart of Fire (Area) - Channel a powerful breath attack dealing A - B Fire damage (dependent on level) to all enemies in front of the caster over 5 seconds. Must remain stationary while casting.

Really though, how much do we really need new player races?
Alliance: Unbroken Faceless ones.

Horde: Pandaren.

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